Seven Dog Care Secrets That Will Simplify Your Life Today

About 48 million households own a dog. 

Unfortunately, some people struggle with dog ownership because they don’t know tips that can help them make their lives easier!

Keep reading to learn about dog care life hacks that can help you to keep your dog happy and healthy! 

1. Use Potty Grass in an Apartment

There is nothing more frustrating than training your dog to be potty trained than when you live in an apartment. It can take so much time just to get outside, it defeats the purpose of it all.

With that being the case, you can use potty grass for indoor dogs to make you and your dog’s life that much easier!

2. Give Adequate Exercise

Making sure your dog gets adequate exercise can actually ensure they behave better. When they are getting the right physical activity, they will be less bored and less likely to act out.

3. Use a Microchip

The last thing that you want as a dog owner is to lose your dog. This can be devastating, especially because you don’t know what they’re going through or where they are.

Getting your dog microchipped and making sure you put a dog tag on them with your phone number can increase the likelihood of finding them if they are to get lost or run away!

4. Pet Them Regularly

This may seem obvious. You should always give your dog the attention they deserve. However, petting can tell you a lot more than just how their fur feels.

You may notice if something is wrong with their coat, their skin, or their paws when you pet them. This way, you can get them help right away if something is wrong.

5. Freeze Food and Treats

If you leave your dog alone often, freezing food and treats can be an inviting reward to them. They are less likely to see you leaving as a bad thing and will be more preoccupied when you give them this when you leave.

This means less barking and an easier time getting out of the house.

6. Set Reminders on Your Calendar

Remembering dates and things that should be on your calendar can be difficult for just keeping track of your own things let alone your entire household plus a dog.

You should write down all dates for your dog’s medications like flea and tick medicine as well as when they need to visit the vet. 

7. Get a Subscription 

Taking care of a dog requires a lot more than just having them by your side. You also need to keep them entertained and happy.

To do this, they deserve to get a few treats here and there throughout the day. You should also switch out their toys every couple of months so that they are entertained.

One way to stay on top of this is to get a subscription that sends you treats and toys monthly. Instead of remembering to do it, you have it done for you!

 Follow These Dog Care Tips

Taking care of a dog isn’t easy – it takes a lot of work and care to ensure that they are healthy and happy! 

If you follow these tips, they will be thriving, which means you will be too!

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