Signs that your Dog is Acting Weird and Needs Help 

Sometimes, it’s hard to know how your dog is feeling. When you see your dog acting weird, it can be a significant issue of concern. But animals cannot tell that something’s wrong and so they need immediate help. So, it’s up to you as the pet owner to watch out for signs indicating that their dog isn’t feeling well.

 Here are a few symptoms that tell that your dog is not acting normal and needs help.

Behavioral Changes

If you have owned your dog for a few months now, you know your furry friend’s habits better than anyone else. But if those habits change all of a sudden, you may take them as the first signs of trouble. If your dog has lost interest in walks and games, their lack of enthusiasm may be their method of telling you that they are not feeling good. 

Suffering animals often become irritable and restless. If your dog wants to be left alone or an independent dog suddenly demands attention and comfort, consider having them checked by an expert.

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Unexplained Aggression

Even the most complacent dogs may feel grumpy when they are sick. Dogs usually are calm and get aggressive only when they experience severe pain. Aggression may be their way of telling people not to touch them. Unexplained aggression may also be a sign of rabies.

Usually, they may calm down by staying in a quiet place for some time. But if your dog has suddenly turned violent and aggressive, then you must inform your veterinarian immediately. If your dog has become overly aggressive and if it has started biting others, approach animal control, who will cage it and take it to the vet.

Constant Circling

Sometimes, dogs may enjoy chasing their tail and running playfully in circles. However, if your dog is continually circling and looks dizzy, then it may be a sign of labyrinthitis. The labyrinth is an organ that helps a dog to maintain balance, coordination, and posture. When it gets infected, the dog loses control over balance and starts running in a tight circle. 

Circling may also be a sign of idiopathic vestibular syndrome in older dogs, requiring immediate medical attention. Other than that, circling may also be a sign of head trauma, poisoning, or brain tumor. Carefully watch your dog acting weird, as the vet may ask you a few questions before diagnosing your pet.


Watching your dog scoot on the floor may be fun, but it may be a sign that something is irritating your dog in its anus. There may be a blocked or abscessed anal sac, which the dog might be squeezing to empty it. Smaller dogs are more susceptible to develop this condition. Other signs of the condition include licking or chewing the area, swollen anus, difficulty pooping, etc. Tapeworms in your dog’s stomach may also result in scooting.

Poop Eating

Coprophagia or canine poop eating is an expected but disgusting behavior. Some dogs may eat their own or other animals’ poop out of boredom, while others may do that to grab your attention. While it is generally harmless, it may be an indication of malabsorption syndrome. In this condition, the dog tries to consume more calories by eating any food source available around them.

Eating poop or drinking it’s own urine may also result in intestinal parasites, which may harm your dog’s health through toxicity. To avoid this condition, give plenty of chew toys to your dog and keep your yard free from waste.

Getting your pet checked by a vet is the best way to identify sickness in time, especially if you see your dog acting weird and showing any of the above signs. If your dog is old, have it checked once every 3-6 months and tell your vet any weird behavior your dog showed.

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