The Right Way Of Giving Your Pet The Support They Need

Pets. We love them. They make your home and life that much more complete. But just like humans, they also require special care. That included proper nutrition, relevant vaccines, exercise, and even obligatory playtime. This is why it is very important to consider all aspects of your life before committing to a pet. Yes, they’re soft and cuddly and fun but they’re also living creatures and as such deserve the best all-round support. 



When the word nutrition is spoken your mind may go directly to kinds of food. But take it a little deeper. Dogs and cats also require many of the same vitamins and minerals we need for optimal health. Fish oils are one such requirement. This has been found to help protect their hearts, slow kidney disease, and even improve their mental functioning. The human-grade fish oils available at are a top seller and for very good reasons. Also available are glucosamine supplements for your pooch. As a natural component of joints and cartilage, you can clearly understand why ensuring their joints stay flexible and pain-free is critical. Dogs love playing, and you love playing with them. Help them kick arthritis to the curb!

Spay And Neuter

Many pet owners are hesitant to have these procedures done because of the belief that it brings about unnecessary pain for the animal. Veterinarians would assure you that animals recover swiftly and by allowing this process, you help with the out-of-control problem of overpopulation of pets. Is your cat or dog breeding litters that you don’t want or cannot care for? This is the solution. 

For felines, as early as five months of age is recommended. Dogs of smaller breeds should be spayed or neutered between five and six months while determining the age for bigger dogs is more complex and should be specifically assessed by a vet. You can save your pets from eye problems, hearing impediments, and respiratory failure all caused by repetitive breeding. 


The more you read, the more you realize just how human-like dogs and cats really are. To decrease morbidity and mortality, dogs need core vaccines like those against parvovirus, and adenovirus. The first booster shot against parvovirus should be given from as early as six weeks of age with subsequent booster shots and revaccination three years after the final booster shot. This disease can affect the lymph nodes, heart muscle, and intestines of puppies causing ultimately, death. The adenovirus causes fever, lack of appetite, and a host of gastrointestinal issues that also result in early deaths. Kittens under sixteen weeks require the Herpesvirus shot, along with the feline Calicivirus and Panleukopenia vaccinations. These are given in a similar manner to the parvovirus shot. Both animals further need the rabies vaccination.

Check For Fleas and Ticks

This should be done daily as these insects can be hard to spot and populate quickly. Be on guard to avoid an infestation that won’t only affect your pet but you as well. There are many tick and flea-killing products out there but experts advise you to pay special attention to those that guarantee fast action and of course, top safety for your pet. It is important to not only target those that are fully grown but to buy a product that targets the eggs and larvae as well. No matter if you only observe these pets on one of your pets, treat them all. 

In addition to treating your pet, take care of their environment. Ticks, fleas, eggs can all fall off the animal when in movement. Whip out your vacuum and get to work. This is actually an effective method to rid your home and your pet’s bed of these creepy crawlies. 


Loving your pet as you do, you won’t want them to get lost. Pets love adventure. They could unintentionally wander off and if far enough, may not be able to find their way home. With some form of identification on the collar, anyone coming across your pet can contact and alert you to the situation. Microchipping has become quite normal. You may opt for this option instead. This not only helps in the instance of a lost dog but also a stolen one. Should the thief take their newly acquired pet to the vet, the microchip will show you to be the true owner. You then have a greater chance of having your dog returned. 

Animals need support in all types of ways. It very much is the duty of all owners to see to their pets’ needs. 

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