Think Your Dog Is Safe in Cold? 4 Ways to Install Heating Systems in A Dog House

If you’re living in a place with frigid winter seasons and your canine friend wants to stay out of the house quite often, you certainly need a dog house heating unit to protect your adoring pet from that nippy frigid.

If not furnished with a warm setting, these dogs may get critically ill, or become perpetually unhappy.

Some canines, after long exposure to cold weather, don’t regain their sense of fun. A warm kennel will go a long way in order to keep your pet happy, playful, and healthy in these cold conditions.

Numerous techniques will help you to keep your pet’s house warm.

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Before discussing these methods, let us compare them with prices and other factors:

Comparison Chart


Heater Box

Kennel Mats

Igloo Beds

Combo Units


£70 to £130

£30 to £50

£90 to £130

£260 to £400


120 – 150 watts

40 – 80 watts

50 – 90 watts

300 – 500 watts

Temperature Settings











One Year

One Year

One Year

One/Two Years

Aesthetic Points





Note: The functional elements are specified on a grade of 1 to 5 – 5 is the best.

1. Heater Box/Furnace Box

A heating unit or a central heater box is a stainless-steel box that’s fixed inside the kennel from the back or top.

It’s placed in a way that won’t take up the dog’s resting space. It’s fixed from inside with either a bulb or a porcelain ceramic plate that produces heat. This can help to warm up your dog house. This type of dog house heating unit may cost between £60 to £130.

As the light bulb will light up the kennel during the night for heating, it may be difficult for your dog to fall asleep. So, it is advisable to read a plethora of posts regarding dog house heating tips on Top Dog Hub.

2. Heated Kennel Mat

A warmed kennel mat is a useful yet easy method of keeping your dog warm in the winter months.

As the name indicates, it’s a mat — much like a heating cushion — that can easily be set inside your dog house. It’s a hassle-free method where all you have to do is lie the pad down on the base of the kennel, and it’s ready to use.

The majority of products have a wire that can easily be removed from the back side of the kennel and connected. You may have to use an extension wire if you don’t have a plug changeover.

3. Igloo Beds

Igloo beds are usually dog houses that are the same shape as igloos.

These types of dog houses are generally designed for indoor use. They’re covered with warm yarn and are cleanable. Some designs are also available for outdoor usage. In indoor and also outdoor designs, some have a heating mat which comes with the igloo.

These types of pads can be taken off for ease during cleaning. Even though the pads are water-resistant in general, the igloos can’t be laundered with them.

4. Combo Units

The combination unit is a mixture of a heating unit and an air conditioner.

It is possible to install this for the dog’s house and forget about taking it off throughout the year. It’ll keep the dog warm during the winter months which will help prevent him from thermic fever or heat exhaustion during the summer season.

Additionally, it cleans and dehumidifies the environment in the kennel. It is often known as air conditioning systems, most of these units can be used in camping tents and small recreation trailers.

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