All You Need to Know About Traveling With a Dog

Thinking about taking your furry friend with you on a trip? Here’s a detailed guide with everything you need to start traveling with a dog.

A dog is man’s best friend and many people love moving around with them. However, there are some simple tips that every dog owner should try to follow when traveling with a dog.

Here is a detailed guide of all you need to know about traveling with a dog.

Get a Good Crate or Carrier

Pet crates are so handy and are time-saving. They are essential for training your pet good toilet manners and for keeping him safe.

The Pet crates or carriers must be of the right size for the pet to have some free moving space. If the kennel is too small, then that means that your dog will have to be carried in the passenger cabin.

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Traveling with a Dog on Boat, Train or Bus

Are you planning to travel with your dog on a bus or train? If so, then you must be ready to abide by the policies of the bus or rail company.

There is a specific pet weight allowed by these local companies. For instance, Amtrak trains only allow dogs that weigh 20 pounds and below.

Bus companies that are operated by Greyhounds don’t permit any dogs. Only service dogs are allowed. This rule also applies to other interstate companies.

Traveling by a cruise is better. Most cruisers provide free dog meals and special lodgings. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t get too comfortable. You have to know the ship’s or cruise’s policies.


It’s advisable for you to see your veterinarian before you take your flight. Get a health certificate and hand it to the airline within ten days.

Your dog must be weaned and must not be more than eight weeks old.

You’re responsible for your dog’s health verification and the dog’s ability to handle a flight. Make sure you tranquilize your dog for the trip. Ask the veterinarian for advice if you’re not sure.

Also, study your departure point and your final destination’s temperature. Ensure that the temperature is safe for your dog.

Keep in mind that each airline has its policies. For instance, if your dog’s carrier isn’t of the right size, then your dog will be taken to the passenger cabin.

Also, remember that airlines limit the number of pets on each plane. Make sure that you reserve a place for your dog early enough.

Traveling with a Dog by Car

Take your dog for short rides to get the dog used to the car. Don’t feed your dog just before or during your journey. However, you should give him a lot of water. This is to avoid car sickness.

Make sure that fresh air flows in the car if your dog is in a carrier. Also, keep the dog away from the windows to avoid eye injuries. For maximum dog safety, take your dog on a dog car seat or harness to keep them secured and safe while driving.

If you’re traveling on an open truck, make sure that your dog is in a place that you can watch him. Don’t put the dog at the back of the truck because he might be tempted to jump off the truck, and this can lead to death.

Note that you should never leave your dog alone in a closed vehicle! Specifically during summertime. Your dog can end up suffocating due to lack of oxygen or the extreme heat inside the car.

Man’s Best Friend

Many people love traveling with dogs’ because they’re man’s best allies. Don’t let the rules and regulations keep you from traveling with a dog to your desired destinations. Make sure you adhere to them for a smooth ride.

Find the best carrier for your dog. The one with the perfect dimensions to fit your dog. And make sure that you visit your veterinarian every time you’re about to travel with your dog. 

With these simple rules, you’re good to go. Have fun with your best friend!

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