Visiting Mykonos in October? You Will be Pleasantly Surprised

Filled with glam and luxury, cosmopolitan Mykonos never ceases to amaze its visitors, be it during the low, shoulder, or hot season! In fact, you will be surprised by the many things you can enjoy more if you come to the Island of the Winds after the hectic summer months. No wonder so many travellers “in the know” are looking forward to an autumn break in Mykonos. Indeed, the period between late-September and October is the best time to spend some relaxed time at the gorgeous Greek island. Here is why: 

The weather is still warm and inviting  

It may be the heart of autumn, but it’s still almost summerish in Mykonos. The sea is warm enough to enjoy a refreshing dive, there is plenty of sunlight and a delightful “Indian summer” weather is making everything easy, comfortable, and enjoyable, with temps that range between 20 and 22oC (over 70oF). 

Even if you don’t feel like having a swim, you can always soak up some rays in the sugary beaches across the coastline, next to a beach club or a more remote location, or indulge in a leisure stroll in the paved streets of Mykonos Town. As for the likelihood of rain, the chances are quite slim. And, even if it does rain, it won’t be a long-lasting rain shower rather than a cooling drizzle.  

The summer crowds are gone  

This gives way to more relaxed holidays and an incredibly laid-back experience. The thousands of tourists return to their base, and the few that decide to have an autumn Mykonos getaway get to receive lots more pampering than what they would get a couple of months back. Even the local business people who have lowered their gears by now are finally able to savour a friendly chat with visitors while offering their services with even more room to chill out, spoil their customers, and have fun.  

And, don’t think that the popular party meccas in Mykonos only serve the summer party-goers. Most of these venues are still open until mid-October, throwing parties and events that lack nothing of the luxury and entertainment that characterizes the August festivals.  

Last but not least, skipping the hordes of visitors when coming to Mykonos in October means that you can see the sights and grab whatever Mykonos has to offer with more ease. You will have all the time to admire Cycladic architecture, speak with the friendly locals and share a glass of ouzo with them, wander the cobbled alleys of the charming capital with the delightful whitewashed houses and explore the natural beauties of the island without the scorching sun above you or rubbing shoulders with thousands of other people.  

Better value and lower prices  

October is when you will be offered low season prices in everything from exclusive accommodation and VIP dining to private tours and high-end shopping. Even the plane tickets and ferry rides are more cost-effective in the autumn months, which makes Mykonos not only easily accessible but also a more appealing luxury holiday destination. Plus, you have the opportunity to see, feel, experience, taste, and visit more – your options instantly increase with the lower prices.  

All in all, no matter when you visit the Queen of the Cyclades, you will not leave disappointed. However, October is a superb option if you want to take in everything about Mykonos, including its cosmopolitan atmosphere, without mingling with the summer crowds. In this case, don’t be surprised if you bump into a celebrity or Hollywood star. Many of them, too, appreciate Mykonos’ more laid-back lifestyle in October!  

Waleed Khalid

A professional writer and a passionate wildlife enthusiast, who is mostly found hooked to his laptop or in libraries researching about the wildlife.

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