Weird Facts about Animals | Top 40 Weird Animal Facts

Here are the most amazing and weird facts about animals that are too rare to be found elsewhere. A 2007 survey shows that there are around 1,263,186 animal species that have been named and pronounced scientifically. Amongst these, insect species are 950,000; bird species 9956; 8240 reptiles; 5416 mammals, and 6199 amphibians. When we think that there are certain parts of the world where human has never set a foot, we are forced to believe that there are many species that are yet to be discovered. However, what is for sure is that many of the species we are familiar with are really magnificent. We’ve yet to explore the wonders of deepest oceans, highest mountain tops, and driest deserts, then how can claim all the species that have ever existed on planet earth. Here are the some of the most amazing facts about animals that are not commonly known.

Weird Facts about Animals

  1. Of all the bird species, albatross has the largest wingspan with the help of which they can glide for number of weeks without even landing. Albatross can sleep while flying. Some scientists go even a step further that albatross can glide over the ocean for a year without stopping.
  2. Alligators are known to pop their eyes in and out. With the help of its eyes, alligators hunt land animals but if they feel danger they can pull eyes down into its skull.
  3. It is thought that for every human there are one million ants in the world. Despite the small size ants can carry heavy loads that can be 50 times as much as their own weight.
  4. The anteater’s arm is as long as the human’s arm. The tongue is too sticky that helps it to catch ants even in narrow holes.
  5. Bats can easily find their way in the dark by emitting sound waves that reflect back to them and let them aware of any nearby object. The phenomenon is known as echolocation. Contrary to popular belief, bats can definitely see in the dark.
  6. A beaver continues to grow during its entire life. These animals won’t stop growing till death.
  7. Many bees are known to sting once in their lifetime after which they die.
  8. Honey bee lays one teaspoon of honey in his entire life.
  9. The heart of a blue whale is as large as a small car. The weight of these mammals is equivalent to 25 elephants while the length equals three city buses. Almost fifty people could stand on the blue whale’s tongue.
  10. There is no water in the camel’s humps. These humps are filled with fats and not with water.

weird facts about animalsWeird Facts about Animals

  1. A cat is capable to jump from a treetop or building very safely since it spread its legs and flattens its body like a parachute.
  2. Chimpanzees give a smile when they feel scared.
  3. Sea otters case themselves in seaweed.
  4. Plovers are known to clean crocodile’s teeth.
  5. Whenever hippos yawn, it means there is a threat nearby.
  6. Only female mosquitoes bite and not the males.
  7. All polar bears are left-handed species.
  8. A flamingo can only eat by making its head upside down.
  9. Dolphins sleep with one eye open and leaving one half of a brain asleep.
  10. 20. A snail can sleep for 2 to 3 years continuously.

Weird Facts about Animals

  1. A rat can survive longer without water as compared to camel.
  2. A hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
  3. Bats always turn left when coming out of their caves.
  4. The butterfly taste buds are located on its feet.
  5. A cockroach can last for several weeks without its head. The only reason of its death after couple of weeks is that it can’t eat or drink.
  6. The koala bear sleeps 16 to 18 hours per day. They have the slowest metabolism rate.
  7. Rats cannot vomit, burp or heartburn.
  8. A lion can mate almost 50 times in a single day.
  9. American antelope is the fastest animal over a long distance.
  10. Giraffe is the only animal that has the greatest range of vision.
  11. Polar bear has the best sense of smell.
  12. Of the entire living animal, the wild water buffalo has the longest horns. They live in India.
  13. Camel dung is dry so much so that it can be used as fuel right after it leaves the animal.
  14. Penguins swim but don’t get wet.
  15. The California desert tortoise is the slowest reptile with the walking speed of 0.3 miles per hour.
  16. The earliest frogs emerged some 150 million years ago.
  17. Elephants can’t jump.
  18. The ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle.
  19. Healthy cats are known to spend 15% of their entire life in deep sleep.
  20. Armadillos can walk under water.


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