What Do Arctic Wolves Eat | Arctic Wolf’s Feeding & Diet

Arctic wolves typically roam on the northernmost regions of North America as well as on the eastern and northern coast off the Greenland. They live in one of the most hostile snowy environments where the prey animals are not easily found. So if you are into wildlife photography, do keep in mind that shooting Arctic wolves is not an easy job.

What Do Arctic Wolves Eat

Like other wolves arctic wolves are carnivores. It is likely to prey on small and medium-sized mammals. Prominent among these mammals are Peary caribou, arctic hares, and musk-oxen.

The wolf’s diet also includes seals, birds, lemmings, mice, arctic foxes, beetles, and ptarmigans. Hostile habitat such as this offers only a limited supply of food to arctic wolves. But wolves always hunt in packs and this is what defines their hunting success. If they hunt alone they might end up nothing.

Arctic wolf can easily hunt down moose because they cannot run fast as its legs get stuck on the thick sheet of ice thus making it vulnerable to wolves.

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what do arctic wolves eat
Arctic Wolf feeding on a caribou ©pixgood.com

When they hunt medium sized mammals such as caribou, they hunt in groups and as they chase caribou, they are likely to take one down. Sometimes however the prey may run away and even the group-effort goes in vain.

Arctic wolf has powerful jaws and sharp teeth with the help of which they are able to rip the flesh off the carcass making the prey helpless. In one sitting, wolves will consume as much as 20 pounds a flesh.

They must prey large animals because small animals do not offer enough meat for the entire wolf pack to feed on. Not all members of the group eat at once; some will eat while the others watch out for any potential predators.

When they are unable to find prey, wolves go by 15 – 20 days without eating. However they do migrate a little in search of food. During freezing cold winter, prey is hard to find and as such they must gather enough food before the season to make sure the necessary caloric intake.

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