What Do Betta Fish Eat in Captivity | Betta Fish Diet

You can never have healthy betta fish unless you know precisely what should you feed your betta and when should you feed. Besides, feeding your betta the wrong can also lead to sick betta fish at the end of the day. Thus it is important to learn essential facts about what to feed your betta fish.

What Do Betta Fish Eat

Betta fish likes to feed on specific food pellet but you can also feed fish with live and frozen foods. These fish are carnivorous and they consume zoo plankton, mosquito larvae and water bound insect larvae in the wild.

Each of the betta fish varies in eating habits so you must know how much food your fish eats. They will eat almost anything in their environments including small fish or larvae of mosquitoes. Betta fish’s diet consists of brine shrimp, dried bloodworms, dry flake food, krill, red algal meal, and daphnia. It does not only provide a healthy nutrition but it also improves brilliant coloring and longevity.

what do betta fish eat

You should feed baby bettas smaller pellets. Never feed bettas plant or roots for they are carnivores.

As an owner you must feed betta fish with food rich in vitamins for vitamins make the body tough against any disease. Besides, the fish is able to combat anemia and eye problems. The frozen and live foods are the best source of vitamins. Furthermore, proteins are also highly essential for growth. Younger bettas need protein intakes more than adults.  Some of the high-protein foods are; frozen seafoods, worms, baby guppies, and insects.

However in captivity the diet is not the same. In captivity betta fish is raised with brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms. These three foods form the basis of betta fish diet.

While feeding betta fish one must not over feed it for this makes a fish to produce much waste and the jar may become polluted. Besides, over feeding can lead to bloating though this is not a very serious concern.

Bettas are not aggressive feeders as most of them rather wait for the other to finish to food

Betta fish does not like feeding from the bottom of the tank. That is to say you’ve got to make sure that the fish is at the surface before dropping the food.


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