What Is The Humelene Terpene & Why Is It Useful?

If someone asked you what cannabis tasted like, you would probably answer something along the lines of “well, you know like a plant, with a little earthy touch to it”. This vague answer would be given by people who are actually eloquent and great in expressing themselves. Can you believe that? It seems that there’s no better way to explain the taste.

Yet, if you want to make it clear that you are knowledgeable on the topic of this plant, then you will need to mention at least something more. How about you add terpenes to the conversation and mention the humulene, which is thoroughly explained at https://cheefbotanicals.com/humulene-terpene/, so that you can show people that you actually know what you are talking about? Wouldn’t that be the best option?

Well, yes, it would, in case you know what the humulene terpene is in the first place. In case you don’t, I suggest you do the necessary research and find out, because this is a useful substance that you need to hear about for multiple reasons. In other words, bragging to your friends that you know about it isn’t the only reason why you should get your facts straight about this substance.

Humelene Terpene

What Is The Humulene?

Let us start with the most basic things here. In order to understand what the humulene is, you will first need to learn a few things about terpenes in general. Basically, terpenes are compounds that can be found in every single plant in the world and they are responsible for both the aroma and the flavor of those particular plants. The cannabis plant, in particular, contains over 200 of these flavor regulating substances.

Ever since Cannabidiol has entered the market and manufacturers have started using that compound in order to make various products for human consumptions, terpenes have gained in popularity. Simply put, their value has been recognized and they are no longer being taken for granted or shoved into the background as non-important. Every single terpene found in cannabis has its own flavor as well as its own benefits and it’s time to get additional info and shed some light on that.

Today, we are shedding some light on one particular terpene, called humulene. This particular substance can be extracted both from marijuana and from hemp, and it can actually be found in wood. That’s probably why you would say that some strains of cannabis have an earthy, or, better yet, a woody flavor. Humulene is extensively being researched for its numerous potential benefits and it’s time to see what it can precisely help us with.


Why Is It Useful?

As I said above, this particular terpene is still being extensively researched. Let us, however, check out what has been discovered about it so far. This way, you will get to understand what it is that makes humulene so useful and so popular nowadays.

First of all, studies suggest that humulene can work towards reducing inflammation and a lot of users are claiming to have felt that particular benefit. This specific effect might be similar to the one you could get from medical steroids, but there’s one big difference. Humulene is completely natural and non-harmful.

By reducing inflammation, this terpene can also control, manage and ease chronic pain, which is certainly of huge help. It can also prevent certain allergic reactions. Furthermore, some evidence suggests that it can prevent the formation of certain tumors and we can all agree that this is a pretty powerful benefit.

I suppose you have already heard about Staphylococcus aureus and I am sure you know that it can cause some troubles in our organisms. Well, when you get to know the terpene I am talking about better, you will see that humulene is an antibacterial agent, meaning that it can fight the above mentioned bacteria, among some others. That is a pretty useful effect, isn’t it?

On a different note, people are falling in love with humulene because it appears to be the perfect weight loss substance. That is because this particular terpene can regulate and reduce people’s appetites. It is still being studied for its weight-loss potential, but some individuals are already claiming to have experienced this particular benefit of the substance.

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