Do you know what do pigs eat? Pigs are omnivorous and their diet largely comprises of plants and animals. These animals predominantly eat grasses, leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers. Pigs also rely on worms, insects, dead pigs, trees, bark and garbage for their food. Domesticated pigs are looked after usually for meat as well as for leather purposes. These animals are raised by farmers. These species are also hunted worldwide. They have an excellent smelling sense that helps them in hunting.

What Do Pigs Eat?

A pig is an animal that belongs to the genus Sus, with the family of Suidae. Pigs are classified into domestic pig as well as wild boar with exception of some other species. These species are considered to be highly sociable and intelligent. They have a large head. Each pig’s foot consists of four hoofed toes; two of them being soft while other two are robust bearing the weight of the whole body. Among all the pig species, domesticated pigs are the most prevalent and widespread with the total population of over 2 million. Wild boar is another kind of a pig which is also very common.

pigs eating leaves - what do pigs eat

These animals are the inhabitants of Eurasia, and Africa including Ireland, India, and Japan extending to the north of Siberia. Even though a great number of pigs have been eliminated from most of the places, the numbers are still very stable. The largest concentration of pigs is generally found in the islands of Philippine and Malaysia. Some of the species have been introduced in Australia, South America, and the islands of North America.

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