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Are you aware of what do polar bears eat? The polar bears are carnivorous by nature and the most flesh-eating animal in the bear family. Most polar bears (Ursus maritimuspredominantly eat ringed and bearded seals. For the reason that polar bears inhabits all throughout Arctic regions where millions of seals reside, they do not find it hard to prey such animals. One of the most famous hunting methods polar bears employ is known as Still-hunting. These species have an exceptional smelling sense in that they detect the seals’ breathing. The first attack is mainly on the skull of the seal which is crushed under an immense biting force of polar bears. These bears stalk their prey within a distance of about 100 yards (91 metres)and then crouch. There is an ancient belief about polar bears is that they tend to shield their noses with their paws whilst hunting.

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what do polar bears eat - polar bear eating baby cub
Polar Bear Eating Baby Cub

What Do Polar Bears Eat?

The young polar bears primarily eat protein-rich red meat whereas adults rely on calorie-rich skin to fulfill their diet needs. Some of these species have also been observed to eat birds’ chicks or eggs. Polar bears are by far one of the most powerful killers and it is capable to take down an adult walrus. The weight of the walrus is twice the polar bear weight. However, they generally attack these walruses when hunting in groups. These powerful predators also prey on beluga whales.

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Unlike pregnant females, polar bears remain active all around the year. They can remain without food for several months especially during summer. Polar bears also feed on reindeer, rodents, shellfish, crabs, wild foods, muskox, birds’ eggs, dolphins, and other polar bears. Their diet is supplemented by some fruits and plants including berries, kelp and roots. Although rare, they also come into conflict with humans. Some of the things that shouldn’t be eaten are motor oil, hydraulic fluid, plastic, car batteries, and other garbage.

The diet of an animal mainly depends upon its habitat. What do you think whether it is the food that drives the animal towards a specific habitat or it is the habitat that drives the animal toward a specific diet. Please comment below.

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