Why animal testing should be banned (essay)

This sample describing the arguments supporting the international ban of animal testing

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Discussions and clashes about animal testing go on for years. Scientists are separated between questions of ethics and quick results of vaccines they develop. On the one hand, it shows the reactions of new medicine, but on the other hand, it is a huge question if we can accept these results for humans. There are a lot of questions and arguments from both sides, but for every modern person, it is obvious that animal testing should be banned immediately. In this essay, the statement above will be proved step by step and hope that it will convert to the side of animal protection doubting people.

Do we need animal testing for new pills? No.

We need testing for a successful result and only for it. Following this goal doesn’t provide using animal testing. Unfortunately, the medical industry is a huge business that works for its own income but not for the health of the nation. They mostly work on new pills for old illnesses that are studied already, and protocols of treatments are approved. They try to sell us new substitutes for Paracetamol. We try to explain that humankind won the majority of illnesses, and those that we are still fighting for are so complex that animal testing can’t help with it.

animal testing

Animal tests are correct and acceptable for people. No again.

It is so wrong that it doesn’t need any extra explanations, but let’s show them anyway. Everybody knows that our bodies and processes that are going inside of it are still unknown for us in a lot of aspects. We know something about bones and muscles, but we don’t know exactly what is going on in the brain and how the thyroid works in general. The processes of psychosomatics look like a miracle and sometimes shock even experienced doctors. So how can we say that the results of animal testing can be useful for us if we can’t be sure if human testing can be useful for other people? DNA is only a small part that needs new study approaches just for a small window for the system called an organism.

It is cheaper to make unnecessary animal tests that use other technologies. Unfortunately, true.

Nobody likes to pay. Nobody likes to be responsible for mistakes. The husband of the monkey will never sue or make a protest, he won’t break your car or set your house on fire. It is so simple to use animals, not feeling responsible. It is common knowledge that more than half of these experiments have never been published. But the system works, and it is too expensive to make changes. It is better to get wasted results than to pay the group of volunteers who are ready to test vaccines. In this case, it is necessary to count and take all the risks.

That all was about logic, but what about ethical and emotional components? When you don’t think about it, and your imagination doesn’t work, it seems a far standing problem. But when you open only a few pictures or links of the request Animal testing, you will lose your mood, appetite, and positive thinking for some time. You will hug your small kitten and promise that you will never let anyone take your puppy away. It will happen even if you are not a sensitive person. We can hardly imagine how ruining it is for the psychology of the doctors who work with animals that suffer every minute. They may call it professional deformation that is necessary for a bright future goal, but it is not necessary to use animals to reach this goal. There are a lot of alternative ways in the modern world of technology that can simulate a lot of processes.

We talked about an important part of your life like medicine, but let’s not forget that cosmetology and some other industries also use animal tests. They don’t need them at all but use the same arguments trying to sell anti aging. All their investigations are focused on the question of age, and they only move forward. Are they successful in their trying? Sure they are successful in earning money but not in the invention of the youth pill. We all know that healthy food, sport, and good sleep are impossible to substitute with medicine for a long time, and for all these simple ingredients, we need animals as a pet but not animal testing.

According to all these emotional and logical thoughts, the only obvious conclusion is that animal testing should be banned by the government immediately without any exceptions. Protests of animal protection organizations give results, but they are very slow. As far as we can see, our society starts to process only the things that the majority of people believe in, so to save animals from unnecessary suffering, we need to form a strict negative opinion first of all and fight for it as hard as we can.

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