Why Do Pets Like Watching TV?

All pet owners know how fun watching our pets watching TV can be. Though, despite all the laugh it brings, it can also be almost spooky. How do they recognize all the animals on the TV? Why are they watching it with such dedication? How come they react to the events on the TV just as we do? There is so much in our pets’ behavior that we don’t know and don’t understand. But it doesn’t mean we are not trying! Of course, all pets are different. They have their personalities, habits, and own perception of the world. Though in many things, they are alike, and their ability to perceive television is one of them. Let’s see what the reasons that make our pets love watching TV are. 

This is how it works

Our dogs and cats are really smart. We rarely have any doubts about that. So they can watch TV almost as we do. Of course, they probably have hard times rationalizing all of that by themselves. Though they still can recognize images and sound. The latter plays a bigger role in their ability to perceive information from TV. They react to sounds much more than to the visuals. It has a lot to do with how their vision works, as well as their lack of understanding of how the TV works. Honestly, though, who does fully understand how television works? It’s easier to check out an advanced writers review and ask their help explaining these technologies to you. Also, our dogs, for one, are especially sensitive to any animal sounds, and dogs in particular. However, this still doesn’t explain why they watch it in the first place. And as they do it, why they often react to it. Let’s discover some of the reasons why our pets like our TVs. 

pet watching tv

They copy you

Pets may enjoy watching TV, just like you do. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps not. Our pets often enjoy things that we enjoy. That’s why they are incredibly interested in those crispy cookies you eat or want to follow you everywhere around the house. Dogs’ behavior especially is often a reflection of their owners. They love being our friends, so they want to take part in everything we do. They also tend to put just as much enthusiasm into it as we do. Even if, at times, they don’t fully grasp why we behave in certain ways. Honestly, you’d need to check some of these academized reviews and ask for a whole dissertation that attempts to explain human behavior before researching our pets. 

They catch the vibe

We tend to show many emotions while watching TV. In their turn, our pets, dogs especially, can observe our behavior and make notes of that. While watching a match, for example, we can feel excited, anxious, joyful, and more. Our pets may not understand what’s causing such rapid shifts in our emotional state, but they can feel it, channel it, and copy it. What’s more, pets are especially prone to watch TV if it’s their one of a few little chances to spend more time with you. So if watching TV is something common in your livelihood, your pets will learn to love it too. Just because they want to be closer to you, and often that means being on the same page with you when it comes to your hobbies. Thus, it may seem that dogs are watching TV with you. However, in reality, your pet is watching you watching the TV. 

They get engaged

Television can offer many different programs that can actually interest your pets. Any natural shows, for one, are great for watching them with your pets. First of all, the sounds of nature attract your pet. All those birds singing, wind, water, and other noises are soothing to your pets. Such things interest them and calm them down. Also, dogs love watching other dogs on TV. Yes, dogs can also become star-struck just like us. Jokes aside, they just hear other dogs barking and making noises, and that draws their attention. After all, our pets can’t really explain the difference between real life and TV. So the close proximity to other dogs is confusing to them, to say the least. 

What’s more interesting, music can also have a very interesting effect on dogs. As we have mentioned, dogs are prone to catch all our emotions. However, with music, they can develop their own responses. Often, music can have a calming effect on them.

The bottom line

Our pets love spending time with us. If this means they have to watch TV with us, they are ready to do it. As you can see, there can be a number of reasons our dogs and cats can join us for an evening movie or a game on the weekend. However, sometimes, it’s better to postpone some of the work for later, turn off the game, drop the homework or order a paper after reading affordablepapers review, and have some quality time with your pet. They deserve your attention! 


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