Why do you need a Professional Dog Breeder? Know the best time for Dog Breeding

Finding a purebred puppy is hard nowadays as you often get mixed-breed puppies in private rescue groups or shelters. So, whether it is your dog whom you want to breed or purchase a purebred, only a professional breeder can genuinely guide you. They can tell you the right time to breed your dog and provide you with a healthy puppy.

Thus, we will focus on the importance of a professional dog breeder’s advice and how they help you understand the best time for breeding.

8 reasons to choose a professional dog breeder

Below are the 8 significant reasons why you need a professional dog breeder:

1. You will have a puppy with breed standards.

A good breeder wants to produce the finest puppy with all the breed standards, including ideal temperamental and physical characteristics. These parameters describe vital details like colour, eye colour, height, coat length, weight, and smaller details like eye shape, nose, gait, etc. Your purebred will be the best example of its breed with all these standards.

2. Your puppy will have a guaranteed heath.

Reliable dog breeders will always take care of the health of a puppy. Not only do they take proper care of puppies in the shelter, but they provide the buyers with health guarantees. However, these guarantees vary from breeder to breeder, so you must ask about the specifics. In these guarantees, certain diseases are covered by the breeder with price repayment, replacement of puppy or contribution to treatments.

3. You will get guidance in choosing the best.

Good breeders are not just in the business game but also help you choose the suitable one for you. Seeing a puppy inside a litter makes it hard to understand how it will grow. But a professional breeder will tell you if your choice of puppy will grow laid back or charged, mellow or assertive. Thus, with the help of your breeder, you can find the perfect fit for your family, accommodation and lifestyle.

4. Your puppy will get expert care for a lifetime. 

Reliable breeders will still care about the puppies after leaving the shelter. They will always ask buyers to be free to reach out for any medical health issue, training, grooming and nurturing. Thus, your puppy gets home for a lifetime of expert care. In addition, they will keep things transparent by letting you know the common diseases in a breed to keep you aware in future and inform the doable.

5. You will get to see the dam and sire.

Professional breeders will show you the pictures of the puppy’s parents and close relatives. In addition, if possible, they let you meet the dam and sire and be transparent with their health background. It gives you a better idea of how your purebred will look like a grown-up and whether it meets the breed standards.

6. Your puppy will not have faulty genes.

Responsible breeders never get tired of researching the relatives of the breeding dogs to find out if any faults or diseases are running through the genes. Such as, heavenpuppy is a reliable dog breeder who researches the history of breeding dogs going back several generations. Thus, they find the best matches for breeding to generate healthy puppies according to breed standards.

7. You can get guidance on your own dog breeding.

Lastly, if you want to breed your own pet dog for purebred puppies, a professional breeder will guide you through the entire process. They will guide you on the best timing to breed your dog, the cycle, pregnancy test and maternity care. Furthermore, if you want them to take charge of the entire breeding process, you can actually blindly rely on them if they are professional enough.

8. Know the best time for dog breeding

Usually, the ideal time for ‘heat,’ when you know your dog is ready for breeding, starts from 6 to 15 months of age. Here are the signs and signals to let you know the best time for breeding your dog:

  • Swollen vulva (especially the are licking and taking more care of the rear end)
  • Straw-coloured fluid or blood discharge from the genital area
  • Unexplained aggressive and nervous behaviour
  • Approachable to male dogs
  • Change in her tail position
  • Urinating more often than usual

Key takeaways 

So, these are why you need the help and guidance of a professional breeder for choosing a puppy or breeding your dog. They can guide you through the complex breeding process on the one hand. On the other hand, they take complete care of the puppies whether they are in the shelter or have found a new home.

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