Happy go lucky –  why  dogs are best babysitters

Dogs and kids are always a good combination! These sweet little puffy creatures, dogs, are a secure companion and laughter source for everyone – especially families with young children. With them, children grow happier and more active. A little organization and habituation matching are all that is needed to keep your family idyll like to one you see in a commercial. Below we explain why dogs are good caregivers for your children. Okay, they may not know how to change diapers, but that’s why they have many other skills! Let’s see which ones!

1. Happy go lucky

Studies have shown that when babies grow up with dogs, their levels of serotonin and dopamine (the hormone of happiness) increase. Isn’t that enough reason to adopt a four-legged friend?

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2. Real nannies

Dogs are essentially beings who like to care and look after. It’s part of their instinct. Some of the breeds, such as pitbulls, are known as nanny breed. Choose carefully the most suitable breed (depending on your house-size and number of members) and worry no more about the security of your loved ones.

3. Cry me a river

How many times have you tried to calm the crying baby, but without success? The solution is in dogs! When a dog sees a crying baby automatically starts barking to get baby’s attention. Sometimes you’ll find a beautiful sight – a dog licking baby tears. Touching!

4. Best Sleep Friends

Both dogs and babies love a good nap! For babies, the pleasure is even greater when they sneak past a soft, warm dog. Soon dogs will become their favorite pillow.

5. Real Doctors

Parents often fear the physical contact of young children and dogs. Don’t worry, it’s more than desirable. If you see a dog licking your baby’s face, it is a sign that the canine is checking the health status of your dog.

6. Always together

 Generally, dogs like to be constantly in the company of humans. If your baby is surrounded by a dog, be assured that he is always safe.  When the toddler drops the toy, the dog is there to help and return the toy child. One additional benefit of having them around.

7. Joint play

Dogs are funny animals with a lot of goofy things to do. The ideal companion for your loved children. There is no end to the fun when your toddler climbs on your dog’s back, a memory that will remain in your memory forever. Dogs also like to sniff, lick, or tickle your little ones – causing them to laugh out loud.

8. Tolerant buds

Babies sometimes know how to overdo while playing with animals – pulling their ears or tail. However, dogs never complain due to a high tolerance level.  They are very patient, even more than people, which is another reason to expand your home with a fluffy member.

9. Learning new skills

However strange it may sound, dogs can teach your little one to do a variety of activities. The first of these is the crawl. And they give these classes free. It is not uncommon for dogs to teach young children to swim as well. They will be very careful while doing this, so your kid is safe and sound.

10. Free kisses for all

Smooch … Dogs love to lick/kiss everybody around them. And the kids the most! Don’t worry about hygiene and health, these kisses are antibacterial and boost your children’s immune system. Scientists have proven that children growing up with dogs are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

11.  Emotional intelligence

Dogs are emotional too! You have certainly seen the headlines in which dogs suffer becase of their owners’ death. When it comes to children, dogs can sense when the baby is disturbed or agitated.  They will immediately provide them with security and care to keep the children happy.

12.  Move, move, move

And, finally, dogs help your children develop physical fitness and muscle stability. With the help of the dogs, children can crawl, jump, run, walk – all they need for healthy growth and development.

13.  Responsibility

As your child grow up, they become more responsible.Feeding dog with his special dog food can be one of the activities which will preapare your child for his/hers independent life.

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