Writing an argumentative essay on animal testing

Animal testing is a hot topic in both science and ethics. It is crucial to understand this in order to know how to write an argumentative essay about animal testing.

Animal testing is when animals are used to test and experiment on variables that can affect behavior and the biology being studied.

It’s also known as Vivo-testing or animal experiment and has long been a source of concern for people around the globe.

How to write an essay on animal testing

You must consider certain approaches when writing essays about animal testing. These approaches are:

1. Think about the historical context

This method allows you to write about what you want without having to agree with your viewpoint. Different sources can be used to borrow methods and other aspects of an experiment.

You don’t need to have a prior opinion, judgment, or knowledge before you can write a great essay using this approach. You can find info or pay for research paper to have a structured one.

It is important to have goals when looking for relevant information.

2. One side of the argumentative discussion

You will need to express your views and convince your reader to agree with you. You can also create your own topic regarding animal testing and then stick to it.

You may want to cover many sides of animal testing when you write essays about it. These might include:

Arguments for animal testing that could be presented in an essay

Writing essays that oppose animal testing is one way to do this. It is important to pick an argument that shows the negative aspects of animal testing. Those are provided by the best UK essay writing service to ease the writing for our readers.

These arguments might include the following.

  • However, not all tests require animals to be performed.
  • Inhumane to kill animals for failing experiments
  • Products that are approved for or made from animal testing can be harmful to humans.
  • This experiment method is far more expensive than natural ones.
  • Animal suffering is the most common outcome of testing.
  • The majority of religions support the idea that we should care for our animals.
  • If you are persuasive enough in your argument that the modern world requires animal testing, you can also support animal testing in an essay. You can support your views with:
  • Argumentation that animal experiments hinder people from participating in the experiment.
  • Demonstrating that it is better to use an animal with similar organisms to humans than the human itself.
  • It is possible to argue that successful animal testing has helped save a lot of people by providing the necessary treatment.
  • Evidence that new products for humans are more hazardous than those tested on animals.
  • Argumentation that scientists prefer animals to perform tests and that humans are more competent than animals.
  • It is possible to argue that scientists view medical advancement as more important than the life of an animal.
  • Arguments that it is hard to find other means of testing an organism that is functioning fully.

3. Make a thesis statement

It is necessary to create and present a strong thesis statement. This is your statement and it will guide you through the writing of the introduction, body paragraphs, conclusions and final drafts for the animal testing essay.

How to write a thesis statement for animal testing

The thesis statement is the sentence or sentences that capture the main point of or central message. This is in the case of animal experiment topics. These are the key elements to writing a strong thesis statement about animal testing.

  • Be specific

Your thesis statement should be specific when you write it for your essay on animal testing. Keep your focus on the most important points. You should not make your thesis too broad.

  • Announce the topic

This is an essential aspect of a thesis.

This section is where your viewpoint and position on the animal testing topic you are writing about should be.

  • Be original

Your thesis statement should be your actual work. The thesis statement has a significant impact on the reader.

You should not quote or rely on other people’s thesis statements about animal testing essays as they are likely to be uninteresting.

  • Clear your mind

The thesis statement should be clear and simple to understand. Avoid using vague or abstract words to convey the meaning of your animal testing topic.

4. Write a great introduction on animal testing

An introduction to an animal testing essay is where you introduce the topic and provide background information. This will help the reader to understand the essay better.

You can give statistics, discuss a problem, or talk about important relative facts. The thesis statement, the position, and opinions of experts will be included in the introduction of an animal testing essay.

In the introduction section, a hook sentence is required and a sentence connecting the introduction to its main body is also required. A comprehensive essay template can be found here. It will help you to create introduction paragraphs for essays.

5. Use proper body paragraphs to discuss animal testing

This section is where you can present all of the information and ideas about the topic. Each idea will be its own paragraph. You might find the following ideas and information about animal testing topics:

  • Amazing discoveries were made on the topic.
  • What is the historical background for animal testing?
  • What are the benefits and consequences of animal testing?
  • A detailed explanation of the ethics that govern animal testing.

After writing several paragraphs of text, you should include a link between the body and the conclusion. This is the heart of the essay. Find out how to solve essay-writing problems.

6. Make a strong conclusion about animal testing points

This is where you draw deductions from the content of your essay, without suggesting anything that is new or different than what was discussed in the introduction and body.

You will need to write a summary of your work. This can include the last argument, an unexpected twist, and any other relevant information.

Good conclusions are one of the challenges when writing essays. You can read how to solve this problem in this article.

After you have written a conclusion, you can proofread your paper with confidence and send it in for a good grade. Our general guide contains more information on how to write great essays on any topic.

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