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What Do Betta Fish Eat in Captivity | Betta Fish Diet

You can never have healthy betta fish unless you know precisely what should you feed your betta and when should you feed. Besides, feeding...

Endangered Species in India | Top 6 Endangered Species

How about knowing some of the rarely known endangered species in India. All these species are mainly threatened due to excessive hunting, water pollution,...

Dragon Fish Facts | Dragon Fish Diet & Habitat

Prepare for the most exciting dragon fish facts including dragon fish diet, habitat, and distribution. The dragon fish is a big-mouth-fish and has a...
Anglerfish (Lophiiformes)

Angler Fish Facts For Kids | Angler Fish Diet & Habitat

I have gathered some of the most unknown angler fish facts for kids so don't miss it. Angler fish has long been admired as...

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