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are zebras endangered

Are Zebras Endangered | Saving Zebras

Zebras are the species of African equids and they are separated by their unique black and white stripes. They are medium-sized herbivores with long...
zebra facts for kids

Zebra Facts For Kids | Zebra Diet, Habitat, Behavior, and Characteristics

Being a member of horse family zebra (Equidae) exhibits certain characteristics that are mostly common in donkeys and horses. Like a horse, zebra is...

African Animals For Kids | List of 8 African Animals

You’re going to learn some of the most amazing African animals for kids. Africa has long been recognized as a hub for varied African...
Quagga (Equus quagga quagga)

Quaggas Extinction, Appearance and Behavior Facts for Kids

For many centuries the hottest continent, Africa, remained a total mystery for the entire world society, as well as its nature and animal habitat...

Where Do Zebras Live | Zebras Habitat

Where do zebras live? It’s a tricky question for those who’d never been to any forest rather they have only attended these animals behind...

What Do Zebras Eat – Zebras Diet

Do you know what do zebras eat? Zebras are actually the member of horse family and are easily recognizable by their unmistakable physical appearance....

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