6 Easy Tips on Taking Care of Chihuahuas

Whether you are a new parent to a baby chihuahua or have been for some time, these tips will come in handy for you. As we know, chihuahuas are an extremely cute breed, that we just cannot help but give them squishy hugs whenever we see one. Even though they are the world’s smallest dogs, they have an a-larger-than-life personality that makes you fall in love with them instantly. Being their parents or friends means you have to get along with their wishes, which they show rather decidedly. However, do not get overwhelmed with this. 

Chihuahuas are pretty easy to take care of. They have a long life expectancy, up to 18 to 20 years. This means, no early goodbyes. They just need to be on a good diet and exercise regularly. From the looks of many chihuahuas that we see being strutted around, you would think, it will be really expensive to have them groomed, but it’s not the case. How you want to style your dog is up to you. Chihuahuas do not need that much grooming other than the basics, like brushing their furs. 

This article provides some tips on how to best take care of chihuahuas in quick and easy steps. Taking good care of them, also means giving them a balanced diet; Like knowing what fruits are good for dogs? What kind of bones will be best for them to chew on? Etc. So, keep on reading as it is always best to be sure.


1.Be Careful Of Their Fontanelle 

Chihuahuas are extremely small and notice how their heads are larger than their body. This makes their heads, especially the fontanelle, quite sensitive. Fontanelles are soft spots in front of the head. So, when it comes to chihuahua puppies, we have to be careful they do not get hurt around that area. Getting hit there may traumatize them. Your vet can give you more medical information and see if there are other health problems. Most common among chihuahuas are hypoglycemia, meaning low blood sugar. This means they need to eat several times a day. 

2.Soften up their food 

Chihuahuas are adorably small and their teeth do not develop like other breeds. It takes some time, and spoon-feeding puppies can be a handful. You can soften up their food, which they can eat by themselves after proper training. When it comes to treats or dry food, break it up into small bites that can be easily eaten by them. As for their diet, chihuahuas need protein like any other dog, like meat, be it beef, chicken, or fish. Fruits and vegetables are very important as well. Apples are great because they are great antioxidants, so are raspberries. Fruits like bananas, apples, kiwis, watermelons, pears all are good. You can go on a fruit adventure and see what kind of fruits your chihuahua loves best because not all chihuahuas will love the same thing. 

3.Do not let them have Seeds 

Seeds of any kind are poisonous to dogs. Remove all kinds of seeds from foods before giving them to your chihuahua. Seeds contain cyanide, if a small amount is accidentally eaten by large dogs that will not be much of a concern. As chihuahuas are extremely small, it will be deadly for them. So you need to be careful of that. 

4.Bundle them Up

Chihuahuas do not have a lot of body fat, so they get cold pretty easily. It is always best to make them wear sweaters, especially during the winter season to avoid hypothermia. It is great for them and you as well. You’ll get to design adorable sweaters for your munchkins. Knit it for them, knit them matching socks and hats as well, and your chihuahua will be able to flaunt away his/her day. 

5.Play with them

Spend as much time with them as you can. Chihuahuas are extremely social and they get attached pretty easily. Not giving them enough attention may make them feel down and sad. Playing with them is one of the easiest and enjoyable tips for taking care of them. It is easier to play with them since you don’t always have to go out in the park-like you would for large dogs. You can also get a variety of toys to keep them happily occupied. If you have children under 8-years old It is best not to let them and your dogs play without supervision. Chihuahuas are small and before children start playing with them, children need to understand to be careful with them so that they may not get hurt. 

6.Get a Potty Bell

One of the great advantages of having chihuahuas is that you can carry them around with you. This means you also need to potty train them well so that while traveling with them it does not get messy. Get them a potty bell, they can ring and let you know when to stop and find a spot. It is always good to train your chihuahuas both outdoors and indoors. Chihuahuas have small bladders so they have to use potty breaks a lot and potty bells come in handy. 


Chihuahuas are fun-loving, extremely vocal, and feisty little companions with adorable big eyes. Be patient with them as they try to get adjusted to their new family. No matter how easy it may look like taking care of them, having pets is a big responsibility. No amount of quick tips will help if you are not ready for it. They need more than unconditional love. It is also best to know which breed will be right for you before deciding on one and also have a specified vet you can go to for regular checkups. With all that being said and done, having a chihuahua is worth it. 


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