7 Signs Your Dog is Healthy

Your dog depends heavily on you to keep it in a healthy condition at all times. Regular exercise, proper diet, grooming, and regular checkups will help you to keep your dog healthy. It is also quite important for you to be well aware of your dog’s habits including eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. If you see any variation in any of these habits, it can indicate that your dog is not in its best form and it requires care. You may also visit PetLoversArena.com to know more about pets. So, we have come up with some signs that will allow you to understand that your dog is in its best health. 

1. Skin: 

A healthy dog’s skin is always smooth. It should have no lumps or bumps in it. There should also be consistency in its texture. Spotted skin is also quite normal. However, you should check the skin for fleas or external parasites. You should also blow the hair backwards to check for leeches or any other type of insect. Any abnormalities should be reported to the vet as soon as possible.

2. Eyes: 

Healthy dogs have bright and shiny eyes. Watery eyes can be normal but they should be clean and minimal. The pink lining of the eyelids should not be swollen or inflamed. Also, look for yellow discharge every now and then as it is an indication of infection. Sometimes you may observe a third eyelid which may slowly cover the eyes when your dog goes to sleep. The whites of the dog’s eyes should not appear to be yellow. The eyelet should also not come in contact with the eyeball. 

3. Ears: 

The inside of the ears of your dog should be clean. There can be some brownish wax but larger amounts of wax are not normal. You should check for any kind of swelling or redness inside. You should carefully observe your dog’s habits all the time. Your dog should not be scratching its ears frequently. Dogs with long ears require extra attention. The ears should also remain completely dry at all times.

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4. Nose: 

A dog’s nose is usually wet and cool. It can be pink, black, or of the same color as the coat. Nasal discharge should never be thick or yellow. It should be completely clear with smell at all. Well, a wet node does not always mean that the dog is healthy and a hot nose doesn’t mean that it is sick. You should also check the temperature for a better indication of any kind of illness. 

5. Mouth: 

You should regularly check the inside of the mouth of your dog. The gums generally are of a lighter shade of pink while the teeth vary in color. It is widely dependent on the breed of the dog. In order to check your dog’s mouth, you should try talking to it gently and then pull the mouth open. You should also determine the smell of the breath of the dog. The breath should not be smooth smelling. If you notice any kind of discharge, be it white or yellow, you should bring it to the attention of your vet. The mouth and teeth should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of residue. 

6. Temperature: 

The should be near about 101.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can easily be determined using a rectal thermometer. Put some petroleum jelly on your thermometer and then check the temperature. You should also take help from someone who would hold the dog in place while you are taking the temperature. In case the temperature goes up, it indicates that there is some kind of infection or sickness that again needs to be treated by a vet. 

7. Weight: 

You can keep your dog’s weight under control by maintaining a proper balance between exercise and its regular diet. If your dog gets proper nutritious food and exercise, then its weight is going to remain perfect and your dog is also going to be active throughout the day. If the dog is overweight, it is going to become fat and it may also lead to serious health problems. A great way to identify whether your dog is overweight is to check its chest. If you are able to feel the ribs beneath the skin, it means that your dog is in a healthy condition. 

Hopefully, we were able to tell you how you can determine that your dog is in a healthy state. However, if you notice anything suspicious in your dog’s behavior, then you must call a vet immediately.

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