Cat Care Tips For New Pet Owners

Having a cat in your home can provide countless benefits. Cats are good companions and can effectively fill the void, especially if you live alone. Cats are great listeners, help you heal from injuries faster, and improve your heart health, too. Caring for a cat can also help kids grow up to become more responsible and healthier adults.

Being a pet owner can make your life fulfilling, but this role demands responsibility. You need to change your lifestyle and exert time to look after your cat’s health and wellness. The quality of your cat’s life solely depends on how efficient you are as a pet owner.

If you’re a new pet owner, check reputable websites, such as CatPet, and take note of these tips to help you properly care for your feline friend:

1. Remember That Cats Are Different From Dogs

Although both animals make great pets, it’s important to remember that cats are different from dogs. Unlike dogs who always love to spend time with their owners, cats love to spend time alone as they are independent by nature. Cats enjoy solitude and don’t always demand their owner’s presence.

So when you notice that your new cat doesn’t jump on you the moment you open the door, don’t worry as this is their normal behavior. Since they are now living in a new environment surrounded by new people, expect that they will still need time to adapt and warm up to you.

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2. Giving Milk Isn’t Always The Best Idea

Contrary to popular belief, giving any type of milk to your cat isn’t always the best idea. Some cats are actually lactose intolerant, and giving them cow’s milk will only upset their stomach. Over time, this can create countless digestive problems that can eventually take a toll on their overall health.

If you’re looking after a kitten, it’s best if you talk to your vet before letting them drink milk. They can provide professional advice on the best type of milk for your kitten so they can receive the nutrients that their bodies need without compromising their digestive health in the long run.

3. Invest In A Scratching Post

Aside from changing your daily routine to better accommodate your cat, being a pet owner will also require you to spend money on your cat. If you don’t want to ruin any of your furniture or wallpaper, a scratching post should be one of the first items you’ll buy the moment you decide to have a cat.

Cats will naturally look for surfaces to sharpen their claws and keep them busy – and a scratching post is built to tolerate all of these activities. A scratching post can protect your home and furniture from any scratches and help your cat enjoy themselves even when you’re away.

4. A Litter Box Is Always Necessary

Regardless of the age and breed of your new cat, a litter box is always necessary. A litter box is your cat’s personal space where they can pee and poop with ease. Dedicating a space for your cat for this purpose will also help them adjust to their new environment faster.

Having a litter box is essential, as this can keep your home clean and odor-free. Without a litter box, your cat will pee and poop anywhere, and this can make your home a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. Letting your cat do their business anywhere can also encourage bad behavior.

5. Cats Require Consistent Grooming

Although cats can bathe themselves, you still need to exert time and effort to regularly brush their hair. This is especially true if you’re looking after a cat that has longer hair, namely a Maine Coon, Birman, Persian, and Himalayan.

Regularly brushing your cat’s hair is essential as this can eliminate unwanted shredding and prevent their hairs from matting. When brushing your cat’s hair, remember only to use a brush or comb meant for cats.

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6. Visits To The Vet Are Important

Your cat can suffer from severe health conditions when not vaccinated. Fleas, heartworms, and other parasites can adversely affect their health and, in worse cases, can be the reason for the death.

Make sure that your car lives healthy throughout their lives by visiting the vet as often as required. Your cat should be vaccinated from common illnesses and diseases, especially when you’re taking care of a kitten.

It’s Easy When You Know How

You’ll have a lot of responsibilities on your plate once you decide to become a pet owner. This responsibility will require you to pay attention to your cat’s nutrition, physical activities, and their environment.

Instead of focusing on the stress associated when you’re a new pet owner, have the motivation to take on this challenge and maximize different resources to help with your new role. Being a new pet owner can be a struggle at first, but as long as you’re truly passionate to take for a feline friend, this role will eventually come off easier!

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