Cheap Horse Rugs | What To Look For

Getting cheap horse rugs from a wide array of market is not less than a hassle that most horse owners are well aware of. It is not only the cost of rugs that one always cares for as sometimes you compromise your comfort while going after the cheap rugs. Therefore you need to create a perfect balance between comfort and cost of the product. Well, as far as cheap horse rugs are concerned, few of them lack air circulation, entrance of water, unable to adjust while fixing and chaffing issues that really bothers horses as well as owners. Besides, most cheap horse rugs are often manufactured from very poor quality material and thus they normally do not last for too long. By the way, if your rug fails to provide protection to the horse from chilly weather and snow, what’s the point in having it?

So even though you initially thought you’ll save money from buying such cheap horse rugs but actually they have turned out even more expensive because you’ve actually squandered away your money. Having said that, not all of them are bad but if you shop around in the market you’ll find out few very economical rugs in the market that are really of good quality. There are few things to consider first before purchasing horse rugs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cheap Horse Rugs

Since rugs are among the most important accessories to keep your horse warm, so always go for high quality rugs. Do not just restrict yourself to one or two shops rather rummage around for the one that suits your requirements and budget. You may research online and find out equestrians that are offering discounts probably in off-season.

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One of the options for buying discounted horse rugs is to aim for second hand rugs. Just ask your equestrian pals, go through the regional newspapers or magazines and perhaps searching in the yard. Is there someone selling horse rugs? If yes, it’s bound to be cheap. However do not just throw away your money in buying these second hand rugs because sometimes second hand rugs are worn to shreds and just can’t help your horse for too long. So it’s very important that you do a little bit of research before buying it and see whether it’s good enough or not. Obviously, you cannot compare these to pristine ones but you’re paying for it after all, it’s not free. You may ask the owner about the brand of this rug that you’re going to buy and then compare the cost of new rug of the same brand with this old one.

Alternatively, just look around for the offshore makers of rugs for instance countries like India and China. Well, you just need to know brand names of the few rugs that are normally sold in this part of the world. You know what; some of these makers hawk their products to venders all over the world but do not sell them directly to the end consumers. So there is a chance that few venders in USA are getting such products from these venders and selling the same at lowest possible prices that you’ve ever fancied.

Last but not the least; the quality of cloth denier also matters which means that as the number of denier increases, the quality of the rug increases. So getting denier number of probably 1,000 is good enough. Finally the key to success is the patience. You’ll definitely come across some of the astounding deals at the end of the day but only if you do a little research beforehand.


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