Crocodile Vs Alligator | Exciting One-to-One Comparison

Many wildlife lovers seem to measure up crocodile vs alligator because it looks as if both are alike however they are not. Both of them are reptiles and not only do they contain discrete physical features but they also live in distinct regions. Even though crocs and gators share some common features like both belong to the order to Cocodilia, still they have marked differences which is manifest from their appearance. Unlike crocodile, alligator has spherical snout which appears somewhat like U-shape while the former one has rather V-shape snout. Also if you look at them in detail, the figure of their jaws is different from each other and so are the hindmost legs. There is also a significant difference in their respective behaviors as alligator seems like less violent than crocs. One of the things that may baffle you most about these two animals is the fact that alligators can be crocodiles but all crocs are not necessarily alligators. So how about reading these exciting differences in more detail? Join us in a short journey and explore little things about the perfect comparison of crocodile vs alligator.

A Perfect Comparison Between Crocodile Vs Alligator


Alligator lives in streams and wetlands

Crocodile lives in salty waters

Shape Of Nose

Alligator has broader and rather U-shape snout

Crocodile has jagged and rather V-shape snout

Visibility Of Teeth

In case of alligator, the upper jaw is fairly bigger as compare to the lower jaw. Hence all teeth disappear as the animal locks his mouth.

However in case of crocs, two teeth on either side of the lower jaw surface and grip upper jaw from outside as the animal closes his mouth. The size of both jaws is more or less similar.

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Biological Difference

The salt glands of gators are not as good as of crocs so they prefer to live in lakes instead of salty waters.

On the contrary, there are highly developed salt glands located at the tongue of these animals. Such glands excrete enough salt so they usually reside in brackish waters.


There are numerous little holes on the body of a crocodile. These small ditches are quite special since they are sense pressure receptors that make out any possible movement in water made by an animal. The entire body of crocs is masked with these small ditches.

In gators, only jaws of the animal have these small receptors.

Different Shades

Gators are normally black.

Crocs have a slightly lime brown shade.

Countries Where Crocodilian Exist

Gators typically reside in east China, Gulf Coast and few south regions of USA.

Crocs are usually found in Australia, south, central and north regions of America, South Asia.

A Quick Guide To Crocodile Vs Alligator

Category Alligator Crocodile
Habitat Freshwater Saltwater
Snout U-Shape V-Shape
Teeth Disappear Visible
Salt Glands Not good enough Very good
Receptors Only jaws are covered Whole body is covered
Color Black Olive brown
Fierceness Less More
Pressure of bite 2,000 pounds per square inch 5,000 pounds per square inch
Countries China, South USA, Gulf Coast Australia, South Asia, USA
Length 14.5 15.9
Weight 1,000 pounds 1,200 pounds
Length of largest animal 19 feet – 2 inches 20 feet – 2 inches

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