Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare in Coquitlam, BC


Working dog owners may benefit from doggy daycare. If you are a first-time dog owner, our guide can assist you in locating the top daycare facilities. If you’are looking for Coquitlam dog daycare and boarding, here are some great starting points for your search.

What exactly is doggie daycare?

Doggy daycare is simply dog daycare. Consider it similar to child care for your four-legged family member.

Doggy daycare, like child care, is a daycare facility (similar to a nursery or kindergarten) where your dog will spend time with other dogs.

Is dog daycare beneficial for your dog?

If your dog is going to be alone at home for a long period of time, daycare is an excellent option. However, not all dogs will enjoy going to a daycare facility with many other dogs, so it is vital to think about it from your dog’s perspective. How well do they get along with other dogs, for example? Do you think they would appreciate being among other dogs, or would they prefer something calmer and being cared for by a pet sitter, either in your house or the pet sitter’s home?

Daycare may be a lot of fun for dogs that like other dogs and people.

Selecting a Dog Daycare

All dog daycare enterprises, including franchisees, are now required to monitor all canine behavior and the environment in which they are cared for.

In order for a dog daycare to be licensed, your dog must be:

Before they may go to daycare, they must be evaluated to ensure that they are not afraid, worried, or agitated around other dogs and humans.

Capable of accessing a bathroom location where they can use the restroom whenever they wish.

Capable of entering a safe area where they may avoid seeing people or other canines if they so want.

Daycare providers aiming to even higher standards will also document the interactions your dog has with people throughout the day.

Selecting a Canine Boarding Kennel

Each kennel must offer a proper environment for dogs, as well as monitor your dog’s behavior and keep a record of your dog’s stay. These are just a few of the things you should look for when hiring a boarding facility for your dog.

As a general rule, your dog should have the following when in boarding kennels:

At all times, they have access to their own sleeping room.

There should be enough room in the kennel for all dogs to sit and stand at full height, lie down completely, stretch out, wag their tail, stroll and turn around.

At least one stroll outside their kennel every day.

Unless you have given permission for them to share with another dog, they will have their own kennel unit.


There are many different Coquitlam dog daycare and boarding facilities available, and you will want to research your options carefully before committing to anything. The guide above should give you a starting point, though, and you can use this as a basic structure from which you can start your own research.

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