Dog Boarding In Phoenix, AZ: 6 Services To Expect

The day you take home that lovable tiny pup, you know you’re in for a huge responsibility. But you didn’t realize its enormity until you needed to be away for several days to fulfil your work responsibilities. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to trouble your neighbors or friends into taking your pup, who’s now a massive 70 pounds rascal. A big friendly dog with a special diet and weird little quirks. 

When you decided to get a puppy, you wished it would help guard your home against intruders and bad elements, but soon you realized that since you took the dog from the shelter, you were always at home guarding the dog, which is the irony of it all. 

Sure, you’re enjoying the morning walks and the weekend strolls at the park, and of course, the sweet wet kisses and warm hugs from your furry friend, but there are just some things you have to manage in your life that need you to travel in a faraway place. 

And because of that, you need to leave your dear friend in the hands of reliable people. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you may try the services of Jet Pet Resort dog hotel. They provide stellar service and amenities, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your dear pet while you’re away.

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Here are some of the services you may expect from them:

  •  Pet Care For Dogs Of All Sizes

This dog boarding facility accepts dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. They have quality-trained staff who will ensure that all your dog’s needs will be monitored and accomplished, however specific they may be. 

Canine guests in this dog boarding hotel will instantly feel at home with the expert approach the facility has developed over the years. They call this the ‘Dog Purposeful’ approach that psychologically evaluates the experience from a dog’s perspective. The idea behind this is both the dog and the owner should enjoy their time away from each other.  

  •  Dog Grooming And Spa Services

You might not have the time to bring your pup to the groomer for a much-needed haircut with your busy life. Please take this opportunity while you’re away to give them the trendiest hairstyle from the facility’s expert groomers. 

The groomers of this dog boarding hotel understand the value of caring for a dog’s coat and how to manage them best using only quality products, so their coat is nice and shiny. They will also give the dog a well-deserved massage, brush their teeth, clip their nails, and maybe do a pawdicure.

Relaxing grooming and spa will not only make your pup feel loved, but it will also lift their spirits while you’re away. The groomer may also check for issues like rashes, abrasions, ticks, and fleas and relay them to you before working on resolving those things.

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  •  Live Broadcasts

Yes, you may miss your furry family member after a few hours of being away. Not to worry, because the facility offers live broadcasts and calls so you can see your pup anytime you want. 

Enjoy the perks of technology as you can watch your pup via a CCTV that you can monitor on your device. 

  •  A Fun Day At The Pool Yard

Arizona can be pretty hot in the summer, reaching 115 degrees. Dogs and humans alike can be vulnerable to suffering from the heatwave. Your pup can have designated playtime with other dog friends at the pool, enjoy the cool water and have a treat and refreshment afterward. The pool yard has excellent playground equipment and sufficient space for dogs to run around and enjoy other dogs’ company.

  •  Pet Training

Maybe this is the right time to have your dear pup learn a few tricks other than sitting. The adage ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ is not precisely accurate.

It just might be more challenging to do at a later stage but definitely doable. So, if you’re away for a week, the trainer will have ample time with your dog to learn fetching or some other trick you’ll be happy to see once you pick them up. 

  • 24/7 Security And Fire Protection

You need not worry about your pet’s security, as trained staff will watch them closely, and the entire 13,000 square feet facility is well-guarded. The dogs will be cozy and comfortable in airconditioned spaces with clean and comfortable bedding and unique indoor flooring.


Dogs are not meant to be locked up and caged. With all the love and loyalty, you get from them, it’s only fitting that you give them luxury pampering occasionally. Leaving them in capable hands while you’re away would be the best thing you could do for this hairy fellow that occupies a vast space in your heart.

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