First Horse Starter Kit – Equipment That You Need to Ride

Horse riding is an interesting hobby for many people. Apart from visiting a horse farm to have a great experience, some people want to own their own horses. Buying a horse is rarely a challenge like preparing it for the first ride.

When choosing the breed of your first horse, consider factors such as size, adaptation to weather, and feeding habits, among others. Once you have the breed of your choice, it is time to get it comfortable and ready for you.


First thing’s first, a horse must be saddled before a ride. Some people call it a grooming gear. A horse saddle for beginners is designed for either English or Western disciplines. Some people prefer a cinch while others go for a girth. You will also need a high-quality saddling rug, and a halter, hoof pick, and comb are also necessities.

Professional saddling and grooming determine how comfortable the rider and horse will be during a ride. It is recommended for beginners to get help in grooming the horse for the first time to avoid starting on a rough note.



Just like human beings and other animals, horses deserve to live in a comfortable shelter. To make a horse stable, it is better to have a farm because the horse will need to stretch and feed in the open after resting inside the stable. Choose a strategic location without disturbance as ponies do not like commotion and noise.

After the shelter is ready, get cleaning equipment, which includes the manure fork and broom. Make a feeding and water trough that will not be contaminated by foreign bodies such as chemicals.

Horse Feeding

For horses to give you an excellent ride, they need to be full and well-quenched with fresh water. Therefore, using the right fodder, horse feed, and water is very crucial. For those who live in extremely cold areas like the Icelandic horses found on the Mr.Iceland homepage, you will need a water heater to bring the water to conducive temperatures.

Check online for the best horse feed if you have to buy it from the store. Make sure that they get enough nutrients, especially fiber, carbs, and protein. After all, they need all of these to be strong and energetic.

Medication and Supplements

A healthy horse should see the vet whenever necessary, but some medications supplements can be administered at home if one knows how to go about them. For a beginner, you may want to give your horse deworming medications and have pain killers just in case there is an accident. When giving the horse any medication, always consult with a professional vet even if it is through a call. Supplements are meant for strength, energy, and addition of specific nutrients, so use them well.

Transport Cart

Although it is not a compulsory requirement on the first day, you never know when a need will come to transport the horse. It is better to be ready with an appropriate horse transportation cart. Ensure that the horse is comfortable – it is better for the cart to be bigger than smaller.

With all of these sets of equipment and items in place, you will be ready for your fist horse and it will settle in faster than you can imagine.

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