How To Keep Your Fish Tank Clean

A fish tank is a thriving aquatic ecosystem and should be a healthy home for your fish. However, it can only be achieved if you know how to keep your fish tank free from algae and dirt particles.

No matter how big or small your fish tank is, regular cleaning is essential as a dirty tank may harbor fungus, bacteria, and some threats to your fishes. In addition to that, dirty fish tanks may have an unbalanced pH level, and the nutrients and gasses won’t be at the optimum levels for your fish.

Beautiful aquarium on table in room
Beautiful aquarium on table in room

Luckily, there are countless ways to clean your fish tank and keep your fish in a lovely condition, regardless of the fish tank sizes you own. Some of these include the following:

  • Use The Right Filter

One way to keep your fish tank clean is to use the right filter for the tank’s size and type. If possible, opt for a good quality filter that fits in your budget, ideally one that uses chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration for the best cleaning combination. You should also check your filter periodically to ensure that it’s functioning correctly and keep it clean for better efficiency.

When selecting a filter for your fish tank, you may choose from a variety of options. These include external, submersible, and hang-on filters. All of these can be perfect for your tank. Just select the one that’s most practical for your needs.

  • Change The Water On A Regular Basis

Once the water in your fish tank becomes less attractive, it may be unhealthy for your fishes. To avoid this, make sure to change at least 20-30% percent of the tank’s water every week to keep it clear and reduce dirt accumulation in your rank. However, make sure that the chemicals have already evaporated and safer for the fish to acclimate before adding more water. It’s also essential to remove the decoration of your fish tank before you change the water.

If you’re in doubt about the volume of water to change, you may use a water testing kit regularly. Available in different pet shops, such kits are inexpensive and can be easy to use. All you have to do is remove a small amount of water from your fish tank and put it on the test tube included in the kit. Then, add the provided tablets and shake until the color develops. You may then compare the color in the included color chart to determine how healthy the water is.

If the water is always within the ideal range, you may just get rid of less water and clean the fish tank less regularly. But, if the test kit shows repeated problems, consider more frequent cleaning.

  • Keep Your Fish Tank Out Of Direct Sunlight

If you want to keep your fish tank clean, place it in a shaded area. This will help prevent the growth of algae, most particularly during summer when algae are common.

If your fish tank is filled with algae, the first thing you should do is to remove it using a siphon or fine net to lessen the nutrient load in your fish tank. But, it’s important to note that every algae species demands various treatments.

  • Consider Having An Algae Water

If your fish tank has an excessive amount of algae, never hesitate to consider using an algae eater like a catfish species or snail to control the accumulation. Pick the right eater for the kind of algae in your tank and ensure that they adjust to the tank so they’re comfortable and may resolve your algae problems.

  • Use Gravel Cleaners

A gravel cleaner is a cheap and simple piece of equipment that will enable you to eliminate uneaten food and feces from the bottom part of your fish tank. It also makes a vortex, which sucks up rubbish from the gravel without causing harm to the bacterial colonies.

A standard gravel cleaner may also extract tank water. It may be best to carry out a water change and clean the gravel using a low-cost gravel cleaning tool.

  • Feed Your Fish Properly

One of the ways to keep the water in your fish tank clean is to avoid overfeeding, which may result in unsanitary water and algae growth because of the decaying leftover food. Uneaten food may also clock the filters and clutter the gravel with dirt and debris. If necessary, feed your fish with high-quality food as it reduces feces and some waste that could make your fish tank dirty.

When it comes to feeding time, fishes must only be fed as much as they’ll consume within two minutes. Remember that the stomach of your fish is as big as its eye, and two minutes are enough to fit into anyone’s busy schedule to remove uneaten food and supervise their fish.


The simplest and best way to keep your fish tank clean is to do regular cleaning. Doing it every day will be much easier than waiting until your fish tank requires a deep cleaning. By keeping your fish tank clean, you can be sure that your pet fish will have a more pleasing and much healthier environment.



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