The Feline Mystery

Does your cat do things that you don’t understand? Do you sometimes shake your head and say, “this cat’s crazy?” You’re not alone. Cat lovers have been trying to understand these complex creatures since the early times. There are plenty of interesting, fascinating, odd, and surprising facts about our feline friends that we have yet to learn about our wild and adorable furbabies.

It’s almost as if cats don’t want us to know all the rules. Knowing your typical cat, that’s probably not far from the truth. After all, how will they dispense justice if their human slaves never do anything wrong?

Maybe it’s their way of keeping us in line. In fact, that might be the case. Who hasn’t seen a cat suddenly get up and take a swipe at a dog sitting across the room? Did the dog deserve it? Probably not, but it’ll certainly make him think twice about looking at the cat again.

Perhaps cats prefer to be more subtle with humans. After all, cats know they shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them, but they have a lot more tricks to draw on. Like the pet me, pet me, die game, for example, that ends in you being attacked for doing something that the cat was enjoying 10 seconds ago.

cat infographic

At the end of the day, though, they do end up training their humans pretty well. Still, it would be nice to understand the rules a little better. The editors of PetPedia felt the same way. They risked life and limb and endured feline behavior to compile a comprehensive cat facts infographic.

You’ll see the results below. Be warned; your cat might not want you to know this information, so read about it when your feline friend is doing something else. Maybe you can create a distraction with a little bit of catnip, while you catch up on this illicit read.

Is it worth the risk? Whatever you decide, you’ll find out over one hundred interesting facts about your furry buddy. Just don’t tell any cat where you got the information from, okay?

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