Using The Equiband System For Improving Core Strength In Your Horse 

Training horses isn’t easy, even for veterans. You’re not only taking care of the animal’s physical health, but you also need to make sure that it’s behaviorally fit for training. While there are tools to help you do the job, not all are equal and appropriate for every horse. However, if you’re looking for the right system to engage your horse’s core muscles, the Equiband might be able to help you. 

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What Is The Equiband System? 

Whether you’re taking care of a horse for work or sports, the Equiband is a conditioning tool that helps engage their core muscles. The Equiband is worn by the horse while training to build and strengthen the musculoskeletal system so that the horse can support its body frame by enhancing muscular strength.

Additionally, make sure to choose the right size of Equiband for your horses while riding them during a training session. Not only will this ensure the right fit, but this may lessen the risk of injury for your horse. However, take note to decrease the use of the Equiband as your horse progresses and reaches its peak.

Backed by scientifically proven research, the Equiband is a tool that can assist with proper equine rehabilitation and conditioning. But while it’s used for training, it can’t be treated as a substitute for veterinary treatment and care. Seek the advice of a professional when it comes to your horse’s health and before using the Equiband system. 

There are many Equiband suppliers in Australia, but be aware that you must only purchase them through legitimate sources to ensure that you’re getting the best quality for your horse.

How The Equiband Works 

The Equiband is designed to stimulate your horse’s core muscles. It comprises a saddle customized to fit the horse, and attached to it are two straps of latex-free rubber. You’ll find a machine-washable saddle pad made up of a combination of wool and felt. Riders will appreciate that it has an ergonomic design to support the lower back areas. It has built-in clips that are safe and durable.

The length of the straps is looped around the horse’s backside under its tail. The straps are designed to be placed at two specific positions to train the horse’s muscles and its awareness of its hind legs. Depending on the type of training, you can use the straps together or either one appropriate to the requirements of your animal. 

When To Best Use The Equiband 

You can use the Equiband when partially training your horse. However, it’s recommended to lessen the use of the saddle and straps up to two sessions every seven days. The horse will eventually gain more muscular length, which also allows stimulation of the muscles that horses don’t always use.

The animal will experience fatigue and soreness with prolonged training with the Equiband. Use the band with caution and let the animal take enough breaks during training. As they become stronger, you can increase the training period. Horses typically take four to six weeks for their muscular system to adapt to a new training regimen. They can reach their peak performance and condition up to a full three months. By then, you can decrease sessions from biweekly sessions to once a week to retain the animal’s muscular strength.

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Why Use Equiband?

If you’re looking for a practical surcingle attachment, the Equiband allows the horse to develop an awareness of its own body, enhance its topline, and develop a stronger core. Use it for training purposes and for rehabilitative efforts such as improving symptoms of kissing spines, which occurs when two or more spinous processes at the top of the horse’s vertebrae overlap. The Equiband is suitable for all types of disciplines like dressage and jumping. It’s also for activities that require strength, balance, and core stability. 

You may already have your training strategies for your horse, but using the Equiband comes with a few benefits. It’s beneficial for retraining the animal’s movement, especially during the late period of recovery when it needs to work again. However, health issues like osteoarthritis can limit the horse’s movements, so it’s imperative not to force the horse to move if they have these kinds of ailments.

The bridle isn’t an effective training tool as it adds pressure to the head and forces it to come down hard. The Equiband, however, focuses on the abdominal and back muscles to engage the core instead. 

The following are the primary uses of the Equiband:

  • Build stable core muscles
  • Enhance flexibility and engage the hindquarters of the horse 
  • Therapeutic purposes for healing and strengthening certain muscle groups
  • Stimulate hindquarters

How Is The Equiband Used In Horses?

The Equiband is a versatile saddle pad because any horse can be trained according to the needs of its owner. Some of the ways the Equiband can be used in horses include the following:

  • Sports Or Athletic Purposes  

Trainers are using this tool for racing because it aids in enhancing and engaging the core muscles. At the same time, horse training with an Equiband can achieve the desired frame to reach optima speeds in races. When it comes to movement, the horse can flex its spine to round up while the rider recognizes the best structure to work with. Eventually, the rider becomes more skillful as the horse improves physically, and the use of the Equiband is decreased.  

  • Retraining Of Horses 

The Equiband can be used to retrain horses that may have been traumatized or may never have been appropriately trained. The tool is best because it gently eases the animal to perform an activity after a long period of stagnation.

When the horse has a purpose, it could help the horse start training after a month. If the horse is to be ridden again after a long period of inactivity, it’ll need a solid core to help carry heavy loads. Furthermore, the Equiband is best for obese horses to help them get back in shape.

At the same time, new riders learning how to ride a horse may also use an Equiband, which can also be beneficial for rider and horse. The rider gradually improves their riding skill, while the horse gets a feel of its rider and moves to better adapt to the rider’s weight.

  • Elderly Horses 

Training aging horses will make it easier for them to move around. Some animals may suffer from arthritic ailments, and wearing the Equiband can help them regain some mobility, if limited, again.  

  • Young Horses 

The Equiband can help train juvenile horses’ musculature for riding, working, and warming up their bodies to avoid various injuries. Though they might be at the prime of their health, horses should be strong enough to carry heavy loads and be aware of their movements so that they may be able to properly pace themselves and prepare for exertion.  

In Conclusion

The Equiband is a training tool that strengthens certain muscles groups and makes the animal more aware of its body. It can improve core strength, especially in the abdominal muscles, with proper use. It’s an effective and assistive saddle pad that is versatile and can be used for various conditioning ways to increase your horse’s performance in all its tasks.


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