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Most people aren’t actually aware of where do polar bears live? As a matter of fact many people wonder if polar bears live in Antarctica or Arctic. This article demonstrates you the widespread distribution of these predators. The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is by far one of the most powerful predators and is endemic to Arctic Regions. It is also believed to be the world’s largest land carnivore. Apart from fish, the diet mainly consists of seals. These animals are considered to be endangered species.

Where Do Polar Bears Live?

Do you know where do polar bears live ? These powerful predators are generally found in the Arctic Circle and all throughout Newfoundland Island. For the reason that these regions are far from human influence, polar bears tend to stay in their original habitat range. Some of these species also dwells in the south of Canada in James Bay. Kuril Islands and Sea of Okhotsk are some other notable places where these animals inhabit.

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The total population of polar bears estimates at 20,000 – 25,000 individuals. These bears are distributed across western Greenland, Beaufort Sea, Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, Eastern Greenland, Kara Sea, Chukchi Sea, Barents Sea, and Laptev Sea. They are also known to live in Norway, Russia, United States, and Canada.

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Even though they spend most of their time on land, polar bears are repeatedly known as marine mammals. Sea ice has been their favorite habitat since their evolution. They largely reside in areas where seals are abundant. The seals are not available abundantly in the Polar Basin and North Pole therefore; polar bears do not widely exist in these regions. In some of the Islands such as Hudson Bay or James Bay ice melts more frequently in summer as a result of which seals begin to migrate; polar bear ought to follow their prey.

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Unlike brown bears, polar bears have the tendency to live without food for about 6 months. Unless provoked, polar bears seldom attack humans. However, when there is less or no food, the possibility exists that they might attack or kill humans. These bears are not regarded as the strong territorial species just like grizzly bears.

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The total population of polar bears counts to 20,000 – 25,000 globally. They also live in Greenland, Hudson Bay, Barents Sea, Chukchi Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, Beaufort Sea and Baffin Sea. Other places include United States, Norway, Denmark, Russia, and Canada. All these nations concord to the cooperation agreement regarding polar bear which named as “International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears”.

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Some conservationists maintain that polar bears are marine mammals due to the fact that they spent most of the time in water. These animals are predominantly found in the polar ice pack or sea ice. Quite a few numbers of these species are found in the North Pole or Polar Basin where the seals are not abundant.

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