10 Ways to Keep Your Cat’s Shedding Under Control

You love your cat, even if it doesn’t always seem like they love you. It’s essential for them to shed their fur because it’s better for their skin and fur health to do so. They remove old hair and make way for new, healthier fur. Keep reading to learn the why behind your cat’s shedding and learn about tips you can use, such as reusable pet hair remover tools to groom your cat and remove excess pet hair from furniture at home.

  • Understanding Why Your Cat Sheds So Much — According to certified feline master groomer Lynn Paolillo, cats with access to the outdoors typically shed twice a year, once in the spring and then again in the fall. As for cats that are indoor cats, they’re likely constantly shedding because their biological system can’t tell what temperature or season it actually is. Other reasons your cat may be shedding so much may be due to hormonal changes, parasites or an unbalanced diet.
  • Your Cat’s Diet — Humans need a healthy and balanced diet to maintain healthy skin and hair — and so do cats. It’s best to speak with your cat’s vet to determine if your cat needs to change their diet, but chances are that if your cat is shedding too much, it might be because they’re not getting adequate nutrition. Other signs that your cat needs to change to a healthier diet might include a dull coat.
  • Your Cat’s Lifestyle — Is your cat an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? If they’re active and always running around, they’re going to be shedding more hair around your home. If they tend to be indoor cats, they’re more likely to shed because the indoor climate is confusing to them because they’re not sure if it’s the right time of year to shed hair or not. Because of that, they’ll continually shed hair throughout the year.
  • Consider Cat Hair Type —  You’ll also want to consider different cat hair types. Is your cat a long-haired cat? They’ll require frequent grooming to make sure their coat stays knot-free and shiny. Regularly grooming a long-haired cat will help prevent excess fur from going everywhere. On the other hand, short-haired cats are relatively low maintenance, but they will still require regular grooming. 


  • Help Groom Your Cat — You don’t have to get a fancy or expensive tool to groom your cat. Use a simple pet hair remover tool to help remove excess fur from their coat. Grooming your cat will help keep their coat shiny. 
  • Speak with Your Vet — Your vet may have advice on how to keep your cat from shedding. They may also want to do a check-up or run tests on your cat to determine if the shedding is normal and routine or if it’s too much or too little shedding. Regular check-ups with your vet can help make sure your cat is healthy and that there are no underlying issues. Your vet may point to some underlying causes behind any excess shedding, such as allergies, stress or boredom. It’s important that they rule out any serious issues such as a metabolic disease, ringworm or fleas.
  • How to Manage Your Cat’s Shedding — There are a couple of different tools you can use to manage your cat’s shedding. One of the easiest ways to manage pet hair is with a pet hair removal tool. Use it to remove cat fur from furniture, clothing and even as a brush on your cat.
  • When Shedding Is Too Much Shedding — Here’s an obvious sign that your cat is shedding too much: when you start seeing more cat hair around than usual. If you see your cat grooming more than usual, that may be a sign that their excess hair loss is a sign of other health problems. Patches of fur loss or a thin coat may point to a health issue.

  • Importance of Managing Your Cat’s Shedding — Just like you want to take a shower or brush your hair every day, it’s important to help manage your cat’s grooming routine. It’s beneficial for their health. You get to bond with your cat. They may not like it at first, but they can warm up to it and it’ll be a special treat for them once they learn to like the feel of you brushing their fur.
  •  Remember: Grooming Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain! — Have a cat on the larger side or other pets at home that can benefit from grooming? Spread the grooming fun with a large pet hair remover. Grooming is a necessary task for your cat that they don’t have to do alone, and you don’t have to get stressed out about it. It’s easy with simple tools and an understanding of the why and how behind your cat’s routine shedding.

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