5 Best Tips for Dog Feeding

Usually, mealtime is the best part of the day for dogs. Some of the dogs just begin to dance when they get to know that know they will get feed. Feeding dog is one of the big chores for dog owners. Some of the dogs take their meal much serious that they begin to guard their food from humans or other dogs. This is not a healthy habit. If you are a new owner of a dog you should take dog feeding advice for making your dog healthy and cheerful.

Take a look below; we have mentioned some best tips for dog feeding you should follow.

1. If Begging, Feed Many Times a Day:

Some dogs usually act as they are starving the whole day no matter what. It can get solved in a way that you can split the meal of dog into two or three meals. By this, they will get the same amount of meal but they will feel that they are getting more food. Or you can also make their habit of feeding at the time you take your food, in this way they are not likely to beg.

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2. Slow Their Feeding:

It is not good for the health of the dog to eat in a rapid manner. Particularly, it is dangerous for a large size dog. Make them practice to eat in slow motion. For this, you can use slow feeder bowls or food toys. If your dog acquires a habit to chew things, so make it sure that you choose some hard plastic. Some of the feeders have a bottom made from rubber. Dogs chew and ingest that rubber and it is quite dangerous for the dog’s health.

3. Set Time Limit for Food:

You can suffer from a problem that you present and leave dog’s food out all day but they do not go near it. This is a quite big issue, particularly with smaller breed dogs. Do not leave food the whole day in front of your dog. Just give your dog ten minutes to come and have its meal, if it does not come or eat, pick the food and wait for the next meal time. In this way, there are lots of chances that your dog will begin to eat sooner because it gets a feeling that now the food will not going to be here for the whole day long.

4. Entice Your Dog:

If your dog is not excited about mealtime, you can help this by doing some enticing additions in food like add broth, wet food, or a sprinkle of flavor such as freeze-dried Stella and Chewy or any other such flavor. It will make your dog feel surprised towards food and will love to have food.

5. Clean Dog Eating Dish:

You have no idea how early dog eating dish gets gross. If you feed your dog dry kibble, do clean and wash that bowl once in a week must. And if you are feeding your dog wet food you should wash that bowl after every meal.

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