What to Buy for Someone Who Loves Horses?

Horses are amazing animals, and there are so many people around the world, young and old, who love to ride horses and take care of them. For horse lovers, there is no better gift to receive than some horse riding equipment or another horse-related item. With so many different gifts available, you are sure to be able to find something absolutely perfect for the horse-loving person in your life.

Here is our guide to what to buy for someone who loves horses. 

1. Riding Boots

Riding boots are a vital piece of gear for every horse riding enthusiast, and they are a perfect gift! The horse lovers at http://www.ayrequestrian.com/ explain that when buying riding boots for someone else, you must make sure that you know their comfortable size as it is really important they are comfortable on the feet and fit perfectly in the stirrups, or it can affect the way a person rides. Riding boots are smooth-soled, often with a small heel for controlling the horse and to lock the boots into the stirrup securely. Many riders prefer longer riding boots, and they prevent pinching and chafing from the stirrups, which sometimes occurs with short boots.

2. Riding Lessons

Whilst it is a fantastic hobby for people of all ages, horse riding can also be very expensive. One great way to treat the horse lover in your life and to save them a little money is to buy them some riding lessons. If they already take lessons, find out which riding school they go to and contact the school to buy a package of lessons to surprise them with. If they are new to riding, look for a great school nearby and organize a few beginner lessons for them. If you love horses too, you can buy yourself some lessons on the same. It is a great way to have fun and spend some time together learning how to ride. There are excellent local riding schools everywhere, and so you will be sure to find a great school to learn everything you need to know.

3. Horse Artwork

No horse lover’s home is complete without a few artistic tributes to their favorite animal, and so a piece of horse artwork is a great gift to give. There are so many options to choose from, from paintings to sculptures, that you will be able to easily find something which your friend or family member will love. If they have their own horse or a favorite horse at their riding school, one really nice way to give a super personalized gift is to commission a local artist to do a painting or sketch of that horse. Your loved one will be so happy to display it in their home and look at the horse every day.

4. A New Saddle

Of all the essential pieces of tack required for horse riding, the saddle is one of the most important. It enables riders to sit comfortably and is also the main connection point between the rider and the horse. Choosing the right saddle will depend on the size of your friend and also what kind of riding they mostly do. A saddle used for lots of jumping will often have wider knee blocks for a beginner as they provide better balance, whereas more advanced riders can use a saddle with smaller blocks. For beginners or experts, jumping saddles are lighter than regular saddles, as they allow the horse to feel the body position of the rider more easily so that the rider can communicate their wishes to the horse.

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5. Tickets to an Equestrian Show

All horse lovers will be delighted to receive tickets to an equestrian show so that they can see some beautiful horses and learn some tips from expert riders. Tickets are also a great gift as you can go to the show together and share their love of horses. There are ten main disciplines that are judged at horse shows, including show jumping, dressage, and vaulting. Some shows will only feature specific horse breeds whilst others have open participation for every breed of horse. They are a great place to meet new people and pick up some great gear. Look online for shows near where you live and surprise your loved one with a couple of tickets.

Surprising the horse lover in your life with the perfect gift is a wonderful way to show them how much they mean to you. With so many horse items to choose from, finding the right gift has never been easier. Consider the gifts in this guide, and you will put a big smile on someone’s face!

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