Fish are cold blooded invertebrates that live in water. They have scales and fins, and lays many eggs.

How Big is a Great White Shark

white shark

Sharks have long been swimming in the waters of North Pacific Ocean before anything human-like walked on the planet. They have evolved into various forms, many of which show mysterious behavior. White sharks are not easy to study as it ...

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What Do Sharks Eat the Most | Sharks Diet

sharks diet

Almost all sharks are carnivorous. They have adapted a number of different feeding tactics. These sharks include whale sharks, megamouth sharks, and basking sharks. Some shark species are very fond of eating marine mammals. Great whites and tiger sharks usually ...

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Do Sharks Sleep?

Shark resting in cave - Do Sharks Sleep

Scientists are looking deep into sharks’ behavior trying to explore as much as they can. But sadly, sharks are still one of the least studied marine animals though they have been living underwater for millions of years leaving behind even ...

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Do Sharks Lay Eggs | Sharks, Eggs And Pups

Egg of swellshark - Do Sharks Lay Eggs

Yes indeed! Some sharks do lay eggs but not all of them exhibit the same behavior. Almost 40 percent of shark species lay eggs while the remaining 60 percent bear live young. Different species of sharks display different modes of ...

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Do Sharks Have Tongues

Grey Nurse Shark - Do Sharks Have Tongues

First of all, all sharks do have tongues in their mouth but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they serve the same purpose as ours. Our tongue is a multi-purpose organ. We have a tongue that moves the food inside our ...

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Do Sharks Have Bones

Shark - Do Sharks Have Bones

Scientists believe that sharks has been around underwater for as long as 420 million years and has been changing their appearance ever since. Until today, sharks have more than 470 known species around the world. Typically, there are two very ...

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