4 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Becoming a Menace

Many people own dogs, and often, they love them like they love their human family members. Some people buy their dogs only the finest foods, not to mention diamond-studded collars along with other lavish accessories. If you have the money, there’s nothing wrong with pampering your pooch.

The only issue is that some people decide that they don’t want to train their dogs correctly. They allow the animals to do whatever they want, and that often leads to trouble.

If an owner does not train their dog properly, the animal might become a neighborhood menace. The neighbors might hate the animal just as much as their owner loves them.

Let’s go over some things you can do to ensure your dog doesn’t get both you and themselves in a lot of trouble.

You Can Keep Them Behind a Locking Gate and Fence

4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year. When you hear a number like that, it makes you realize how serious of a problem this is. Different situations can lead to dog bites, but it’s less likely to happen if the dog never has access to the person who’s upsetting it.

Many dogs feel the need to guard their property. They consider your house their territory, and they might not like anyone approaching it, even if that person is just the postal carrier or some cookie-selling Girl Scouts.

If you fence off your yard and make sure you lock the gate, that’s going to prevent your dog from biting anyone who comes near. Your dog can still bark at them, but barking doesn’t often cause lawsuits like a dog bite does. Also, you don’t have to fret about the authorities destroying the animal because it sank its teeth into someone.

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dog fence

You Can Keep the Animal in the Backyard Instead of the Front

If your house has a front and back yard, you might consider keeping your dog in the back instead of the front. This way, visitors like postal carriers, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and so forth will not have to worry about the dog taking a chunk out of them.

If you have a backyard, but you haven’t fenced it in yet, you can do that. A simple chain link fence does not cost very much. If you’re not able to do that, you might try setting up a dog run or tying the animal up in your backyard so they can’t run out and bite someone who approaches.

Take the Dog to Obedience Training

You should be able to control your dog, even if it does have protective instincts. Your pet should stop when you tell it not to attack someone unless that person is threatening you or the animal overtly.

You can look for obedience classes in your area. You can attend at the same time the dog does, and you two can learn together. It’s easier to rid a dog of bad habits when they are young, but that saying “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” is seldom correct.

In reality, you can teach a dog not to act a certain way, even if they are older. In obedience school, you learn how to use positive reinforcement to control your dog’s actions.

Take the Dog to Daycare

You can also look for doggy daycare in your area. That can get a little pricey, but if you can afford to drive the dog there and drop them off a couple of times each week, that’s often a smart idea.

If your dog is very active and wants to socialize with other animals, this is a chance for them to do that. The dog will burn off some energy during those days, so you do not have to walk them as much.

Also, if your dog does not do so well around other animals, this is a chance for them to learn some better manners. The dogs that attend these daycare sessions often learn what appropriate play behavior is. This way, when you and the dog encounter another animal when you’re out on a walk, your dog will know not to act aggressively with them.

Most dogs are capable of learning some new behaviors, even if they often engage in troublesome ones. You can learn how to work within your pet’s abilities. If the animal seems incorrigible, you can at least keep them away from people and other dogs, so there are no biting incidents.

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