6 Most Expensive Cats in the World

Every pet owner considers their cats to be the most priceless beings in the world. But have you ever considered how much it would actually cost to own the most expensive cats in the world?

Owning pets have also become a status symbol among the Richie Riches of the world. Here is a list of the cat breeds that revel in luxury owing to their high price tags. 

  1. The Savannah at $25,000 

Yes, you heard that right. Savannah is considered the priciest dog in the world. The breed is a hybrid of African serval and domestic felines. It is also the largest domestic cat in the world, weighing up to 20 pounds. The leopard-like pattern gives them the majestic look and air, and they can also be aggressive. This is unique to achieve, making a true-standard Savannah that much more demanding in the feline market. 

  1. The Bengal at $5000

A hybrid of Egyptian Mau, the Asian Leopard cat, and domestic felines, the Bengal cat first appeared in the 1930s. They resemble Savannah in looks and are playful. As a high energy cat, they even like to play fetch and in water. It is a bit tricky to get the breed right, as the friendly behavior might not be a trait at least until the fourth generation. The first generation is often kept only for breeding purposes.

  1. The Persian at $3000

The Persian owes its name to its origin in Iran, formerly known as Persia. The breed is one of the most popular in the world, with long fur and a flat round face compared to that of the Pekingese dog. Though the face adds to their cuteness, it can also cause breathing problems bringing their lifespan to an average of 12 years. You can find Persian cats in different variants of breeds such as the Toy Persian, the Himalayan, the Teacup Persian, and more.

  1. The Peterbald at $2500 

This breed originates from St. Petersburg, Russia, and their ears are enough to set them apart. The Peterbalds come in all coat colors, with long, narrow, and small heads. They have a hair-losing gene and are also likely to be born bald or with a straight coat. Those born with hair could also lose it over time. They make great domestic friends and are friendly with kids. 

  1. The Russian Blue at $1700

Another famous cat breed from Russia is also known for its calm and friendly temperament. They could live up to 25 years and are affectionate to their owners. The blueish-grey fur and green eyes make for a striking combination in looks. They are believed to have originated in Arkhangelsk and not a result of any crossbreeding. 

  1. The Scottish Fold at $1500 

As you could guess from the name, the Scottish Folds are natives of Scotland. They are sensitive, active, and love to play. And consequently, it might not be a good decision to leave the cat alone at home. They prefer the company, even if it is another pet. The Scottish Fold distinguishes themselves with the folded ear, giving them an owl-like look. 

No matter what the price is, there is one thing we can all agree on. All these cats are absolutely stunning!


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