A Short Guide To Taking Beautiful Pictures Of Your Pets

Pets are part of our family, which is why it’s always cute to have their pictures either on our phones, computers or to frame them. Even though they can be extremely adorable, it’s often quite difficult to take pictures of them. It’s because they can frequently be too restless or simply do not know how to strike a pose (and who can blame them?). That’s precisely why you have to do various tricks to make sure you’ve captured the most beautiful picture of your fur friend.

Since it’s so difficult to capture their adorableness with your phone or camera, you have to improvise in order to get a high-quality photo. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry! With these tips, you’ll be able to a lovely photograph in a matter of minutes.

Top Pet Photography Tips

Be Creative

If you want to accentuate the loveliness of your pet, then you definitely must focus on your creativity. Think of interesting scenarios, situations, and if you have some delightful clothes or accessories, use them for sure. Fortunately, there are so many options when it comes to it on the market. Nowadays, you can purchase bandanas for your dog that are going to make him look even more irresistible. They usually come in a variety of colors and patterns.

When it comes to cats, you can opt for a cute bowtie or hat. Speaking of taking pictures, make sure you’re not repeating yourself. Constantly taking full-body shots of your puppy or kitten can become too boring.

Therefore, you should get up close, so your pet fills the whole frame. There are many angles you can utilize. You can photograph your fur buddy head-on, at 45-degree angles, in profile, etc. Now, what’s important is that you do not obsess over getting a perfect image. 

At times, you may accidentally cut out cat’s or dog’s tales (meaning it’s not seen in the picture). If that occurs, do not beat yourself up. Just bear in mind that sometimes the best photographs are the ones that were spontaneous. 

Opt For Natural Light 

Natural light is generally the best possible option, especially when it comes to pet photography. Why is that? Well, that’s because flash frequently causes a red-eye effect which doesn’t look appealing on any picture.

More importantly, most pets get instantly scared when they see it because they are not sure where it comes from. Of course, indoors are also a great idea; just make sure you are taking pictures in a room that is well-lit. In this case, a space that has large windows is the best solution.

Adding More Tricks You Can Employ

Go Outside

One of the first things that come to our mind when we mention pets and fun is for sure the great outdoors. Nothing is more entertaining to them than parks, backyards, forests, and similar areas.

It seems like these places are a natural fit for both our cats and dogs. So while you are out there, make sure to utilize the natural light to the maximum. If you’re going out with your puppy, then ensure to take photos of him while he is running, playing in the park, walking around your neighborhood. 

If you want to accomplish the best possible results, then you should take pictures when the sun is low to avoid any coarse shadows. When it comes to cats, if you have one that doesn’t love to go outside, then try to take her into your backyard on a leash to see how she will react.

Familiarize Your Pet With The Camera

Although to us humans, the sounds that cameras reproduce, along with flash, may seem to be harmless, your pets might get confused by these things. That’s precisely why you should walk your pet around for a while and take several photographs just to get your fur-baby used to the sounds and other elements he hasn’t heard or seen before.

Another great idea that you can implement is to let your dog or cat have a good sniff in order to get more comfortable with the entire situation. Once you start taking pictures of your pet, reward him with something that he loves and praise him for behaving so well.

Be Patient

Don’t ever forget that our beloved pets do not always understand everything that is currently going on; hence, you have to arm yourself with patience. Sometimes they will not be in a mood for anything fun or can be sleepy, which is why you shouldn’t force anything. Just always have the camera by your side and wait for the perfect moment.

Capturing the lovely personality of our fur buddies isn’t always easy; however, it’s definitely doable. That’s why you should carefully go through this article to make sure you get the most amazing pictures in the world.

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