6 of the Best Pets for a Busy College Student 

Going to college is full of excitement. But your college life can be overwhelming at times. There come happy moments and depressing times with mixed emotions. Keeping a companion pet can be so refreshing and full of relief and help you withstand those tough times! In today’s post, we’ve gathered the list of the best pets that can help busy college students study, unwind, and reduce stress more effectively.    

1. Birds

As a college student, you may want to have an amusing and active pet to watch and spend your free time with. At the same time, it should be inexpensive and of low maintenance because of your busy schedules. And what if this pet can also help you fight tiredness and gloomy thoughts with its mellifluous singing? If you’ve been thinking, think no more: birds are the perfect fit for this category. These warm-blooded vertebrates with toothless jaws can be your best companion in and out of school. To get you started with your new avian pal, columbidae, cockatiels, canaries, and finches are some of the best examples to have. These feathered creatures are super cute and knowledgeable, which makes them easy to train and care for. Having a bird can be a particularly rewarding experience, especially if you’re a low-budget student uninterested in larger pets. 

2. Hamsters 

Perhaps, one of the best picks for a majority of busy students is a hamster. Belonging to the family of cricetidae of the animal kingdom, hamsters can be perfect companions and stress relievers. They can kill off pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Of course, you can’t ask your hamster, Write my college essay for me’ and get it done in the blink of an eye. But what you can do is derive great pleasure from watching it scurry all over the cage or taking sand baths. Just having to look at hamsters is another grade of enthusiasm! Though solitary rodents, hamsters don’t mind if you decide to pat them or play with them. 

Hamsters don’t normally need much of your attention. So, this pet won’t bother or distract you when you’re overwhelmed with assignments. That said, you should try to be interactive and attentive to your rodent to build trust and bond with it faster. Hamsters are cute, cuddly creatures that are often content with spending their time exercising on their wheels while you spend your time studying. So, be sure to get all the equipment necessary for your pet’s healthy and happy life with you.  

3. Fish 

Just imagine how great it can be to come back from a long day in college and see a small vivid creature swarming inside the aquarium in your dorm room. Not only is it soothing, but also beneficial for your nervous system! Whatever breed of fish you choose to own, there are many reasons why exactly a fish can be the best pet for you. They don’t take up much space or require high maintenance. Everyday feed and a tank of clean and preferably aerated water are all your fish will need to survive and prevail. Moreover, all fish are great listeners. If not a fish, what else? 

4. Hedgehogs 

Hedgehogs aren’t just delightful. They are also rewarding for any college student. But bear in mind that keeping a hedgehog as a pet might be considered illegal in some states. So be sure to check that of your state before going in for one. To properly care for your hedgehog, all you ever need is food, an enclosure, and a running wheel. Be sure to spend enough time with your pet since socialization is essential for its well-being. Having a hedgehog as your roomie can help you brighten up your day after hours of classes. 

5. Turtles 

Turtles are slow and silent. But make no mistake, they can keep you excellent company and help recharge your inner batteries even faster than any other active pet. The turtle can be your best bet if you want a quiet and undemanding pet. If well-socialized, you can interact with your turtle during its active time. This means that your petting and talking to it won’t startle your taciturn friend. On the contrary, you’ll definitely appreciate its emotional feedback and devotion. If you don’t know where to start, consider getting a mud turtle or its red-eared counterpart if you’re looking for a more active pal.   

6. Dogs 

The dog is the most adored animal everywhere. They are funny and furry pets that can be great companions for learners. They are living antidepressants that can instantly help you dispel your boredom or a sense of weariness after a tough day at college. Wielding their cuteness and admirable charisma as their primary weapons, dogs can instantly cheer you up and envelope you with genuine love and care. Note that dogs, unlike other pets, require much attention and devotion from you. So, if you’re an occupied college student, you need to make sure you have enough time, space, strength, and dedication needed to take care of this critter. 

Now you’re ready to take a pick and become a more efficient and happier student! 

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