Adorable Poodle Mixes That Will Make You Go Awww

If you are a canine lover, you will likely be a fan of Poodles. The tiny, furry pups are quite elegant and intelligent, which makes them an ideal choice to create a hybrid mix with other breeds. Today, the breed has a hybrid mix with almost every other popular breed, all of which are super cute and adorable. Most of them are labeled as ‘designer dogs’ due to their visual appeal and shiny coats. Since Poodles are intelligent and beautiful, all the common Poodle mixes are good-looking and smart too. Take a look at these adorable poodle mixes to adopt one now.

1. Cockapoo

The Poodle and Cocker Spaniel are mixed to create an adorable hybrid called the Cockapoo. These dainty dogs are funny and keep you happy with their cheerful and loving nature. They possess amazing social skills and can befriend any human or pet they’ve just met. Training these pups is quite easy too. The Cockapoo is one of the oldest hybrids that is still gaining popularity among dog lovers. If you often feel alone and want a companion by your side, adopt a Cockapoo pup right away. They make intelligent therapy dogs and possess the power to heal you with their adorableness.

2. Labradoodle

The happy personality of the Labrador mixed with the intelligent trait of the Poodle makes the playful Labradoodle. One of the first hybrid breeds, the Labradoodle is extremely smart and active. These dogs can make friends with other pooches and prefer to be around their parents at all times. This breed is popularly known as a guide dog and appreciated for its minimal maintenance needs. The Labradoodle is not shy around new parents or other dogs. Their intelligent nature makes training easier and helps them pick commands with ease. They may need additional exercise to cope with their hyperenergetic and playful nature.

3. Aussie Doodle

The Poodle and Australian Shepherd are mixed to create the Aussie Doodle dog. They go by the names, Aussiepoodle and Aussiepoo and are known to be extremely smart and well-behaved. They love to socialize and be around their family members. The breed has other hidden characteristics and can make a lovely addition to your family. If you want to know all about the Aussie Doodle, adopt one from a shelter instead of buying it. Since these dogs can be extremely active and refrain from staying still, give them plenty of exercise by taking them out and playing with them in the park.

4. Westiepoo

When the Poodle and West Highland White Terrier are mixed, you get the Westirpood breed. These dogs possess light, curly fur that adds to their shiny demeanor. They are pleasant and often stay quiet. The Westiepoo is an extremely friendly breed that prefers to stay with the family and socialize with their furry friends. Dog lovers prefer to call them Wee-Poos or Westiedoodles. If you want a cute dog breed that can easily bond with its family, the Westiepoo should be your top choice. Moreover, training a dog of this breed is relatively easier, which is why new dog parents often love the experience they have with their Westie Poodle.

5. Saint Berdoodle

A mix between a Saint Bernard and a Poodle, the Saint Berdoodle is a large, furry dog with black and white fur. These adorable pups are intelligent, friendly, social, and extremely loyal. Commonly known as the Saint Berpoo, these dogs can be adopted from dog shelters with a higher number of Poodle and Saint Bernard pups. Failing to train your Saint Berdoodle can lead to mischievous behavior, especially in front of other people and pets. Moreover, a lack of training can also lead to separation anxiety. They prefer to stay around their parents and need to be controlled around kids.

6. Goldendoodle

What’s a cuter combination than a Golden Retriever mixed with a Poodle? With their friendly personality traits and adorable faces, both breeds make up an adorable and playful breed called the Goldendoodle. The looks of a Goldendoodle dog will definitely steal your heart. The shiny, golden fur and smart personality make the breed even more appealing. In fact, the breed is primarily known for being a ‘designer’ dog and is gaining popularity among dog lovers. If you want a friendly dog with good social skills, a Goldendoodle is your ideal choice. Surprisingly, they do not shed much, which makes maintenance easier.

While these are some of the most popular poodle mixes, others are still yet to be identified by dog lovers. Irrespective of the looks and friendly nature, every hybrid breed will keep you happy and act as a lifetime companion. Any of these poodle mixes will steal your heart and fill your home with love and happiness.

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