Four ways to create a stylish but functional home with your pets at the center

Everyone wants to have a stylish house. Add children or animals into the mix, and things suddenly become a little more challenging. Today, we are here to support you to create a stylish but functional home ensuring your pets don’t miss out. Continue reading for four ways you could achieve this look.

1. Organization

From dog food to bowls, from a litter tray to leads, every pet has a wide range of requirements for equipment and accessories. If you don’t carefully consider the organization of these things, you run the risk of your home becoming cluttered pretty quickly. Depending on the look of your home, choose a suitable storage unit. We love the versatility and simplicity of cube storage, where you can mix and match the colors to suit your individual look. 

2. Bedding

Pet bedding, especially for dogs, can look really untidy if you are not careful. There is such a wide variety of products available on the market for you to choose from, but you should consider which color will continue to look fresh regardless of how many times it goes through the washing machine. Furthermore, pick something which will complement the look you are trying to achieve. If you have a monochrome theme, go for something which will add a pop of color. Alternatively, if you have a lot of coordinating colors within your home, stick to something with just one color and no busy pattern. You should also think about where the bedding will be kept. Many people choose the kitchen. However, this is not very hygienic. If your animal is really part of the family perhaps the living room or even one of the bedrooms upstairs might be better options. 

pet bed

3. Décor 

Most of us crave an individual look, one which people will remark how much they like, potentially even a trend-setting home. Artwork usually features high on the list when creating such a space. Rather than stick to the traditional, consider pet-related art. Why not get a cute dog poster for Christmas? Add it to your wish list or gift it to your partner; that way you know it will fit the style you are trying to emulate. Alternatively, you could enlist the help of a professional pet photographer. Choose your favorite snap, print it as large as you can, frame and then hang somewhere prominent. 

4. Space

While pet lovers adore making their furry friends a huge part of their homes, it is also important to ensure that they have their own space. Animals, just like children, need to be aware of areas within the property which are not part of their territory. It could be that you choose one room to dedicate specifically for your pets, though this can be challenging. Alternatively, you may wish to make one floor a no pet zone. This can be easier to maintain, particularly if you employ the use of stair gates. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that there is consistency with the approach to avoid confusion. 

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