How to choose the best collar for your dog

Dogs are naturally very active, and they need to have a walk quite often (at least twice a day). Even if your pet is the friendliest animal on earth, there are certain social rules not letting you let your dog off the leash when you are going to public places, which means that you have to purchase a good reliable and comfortable collar. One more reason is the ability of the collar to protect your dog from lice and other insects, while another reason is its name and your address or phone number written on the collar and letting you find your dog in case it gets lost. As you can see, there are many reasons to pick it for your fluffy friend, but what are the best dog collars available now on the market? We will help you pick the right one.

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Top advice on choosing a suitable model

The market provides lots of collar types (from standard to specific), different sizes and widths, multiple shapes, materials of high and bad quality, custom designs, and other things impacting your decision and making it hard. With so much choice, dog owners often make typical mistakes when buying the right one. For this reason, we have created this dog collar 101 guide to inform you about the main criteria for choosing the model that fits.


The first thing you should do before purchasing a collar is to find out the size of the neck (use a tape to measure it). Just wrap it around and then add a bit to get the right numbers. To ensure that the model will fit perfectly, try to place two fingers under the tape: they should go smoothly; otherwise, it is too tight and may cause difficulties with breathing;


It usually depends on how active your dog is during the day. The most basic types are:

  • Standard. It is one of the basic types that is easy to take on and off a few times during your walk in the park or elsewhere. They are pretty simple with no special design, usually made of nylon. It will be a perfect fit for dogs that don’t pull hard and just need a thing to place their ID tag on;
  • Training. This one is mainly used to make dogs learn how to walk on a leash, and today, the options are much safer compared to chain models and don’t hurt your dog. Rather than chains, you can choose from softer materials which are as effective;
  • LED. The type is aimed at not losing your dog in the dark (either too early or after sunset), and you let your dog off the leash. It has built-in flashing lights so the pet can be easily recognized by you, people around, and other animals. As an option, you can use lights which may be easily attached and taken off when necessary;
  • Waterproof. If you live in a wet climate or near the river or ocean, this collar will make a perfect match. It is also great if your dog likes swimming and water activities. The collar can serve you for years, can be quickly cleaned, and it is good against bacteria.


After you are done with the type, it’s time to choose great material.

  • Neoprene. It has such qualities as strength and the ability to stretch, it serves for a long time and is mostly used for producing wetsuits. It is great in combination with a waterproof collar, it is soft, convenient, antiallergic, and it is also fast drying. However, the price for this collar is higher than for other materials;
  • Chain. It is mostly used for training, so when wearing it, the dog should never be left alone unless you want it to get hurt. It is also a bad idea to wear when it is cold, and chains are hard to move. However, it is quite efficient when applied the right way, durable and helpful in training;
  • Nylon. This material prevails in most collars as it comes in a variety of great designs and colors to meet anyone`s preferences. It fits for dogs going around the house, dogs that take part in fashion shows, or just wear their ID tag. It is cheap, easy to use, put on, and take off. However, over time it can become smelly and hard to clean;
  • Leather. This is a classic option that is a good example of balancing look and quality. Collars made of leather can serve for years and are purchased in flat and rolled patterns, depending on your preferences. Leather collars are good for dogs with thick hair and allergies; they are made of natural materials and thus are breathable. But at the same time, they are quite expensive, come in limited designs, and can still be smelly overtime.

When you are done with choosing a collar, you can think about accessories, a customized ID tag, and a suitable leash.

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