Professional Pet-Sitting Refocuses Post-Pandemic

Pet Sitters International’s (PSI) 2021 Pet Sitter World Educational Conference, scheduled for October 8 to 10—originally to be held in St. Louis, Missouri—will now be hosted virtually as the pet-sitting community focuses on rebuilding pet-sitting and dog-walking services to thrive post-pandemic.

  1. Dog walking is also considered pet sitting

PSI is the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitters and will be hosting sessions that home in on innovative marketing practices and how to address unique pet-behavior challenges pet-care providers may be experiencing.

Those new to pet sitting are advised to sign up as a pet sitter on Holidog and join PSI, which affords pet sitters and dog walkers insurance and bonding coverage in the U.S. and Canada, a custom business web page and link on the PSI pet sitter locator, a subscription to Pet Sitter’s World magazine, free customizable pet-sitter forms, instant access to downloadable promotional materials, and many other benefits to get you up and running and earning a good income in no time at all.

PSI membership is limited to those providing pet-sitting services, which is defined as caring for a client’s pet(s) in the client’s home—dog walking is also considered pet sitting. Membership also includes access to PSI’s private member group on Facebook and help from full-time staff to help answer your pet-sitting questions.

Speakers for the conference include Kaila Piepkow from Dox Design, Natasha O’Banion of Start. Scale. Sail, and Ayoka Bubar BA from CPDT-KA, among other pet-industry leaders. The online event will also include a virtual awards ceremony to honor 2021 “Pet Sitter of the Year” Daniel Reitman, along with PSI’s 2021 “Pet Adoption Advocate of the Year” recipients Julie Fujita and Julie Morrella.

  1. Pet-owning households generate $443 million+ in pet-sitting revenues

PSI has more than 5,000 professional pet-sitting members serving as in-home pet carers. Collectively, PSI’s member businesses provide pet-care services for more than 800,000 caring and conscientious pet-owning households, and generate more than $443 million in pet-sitting revenues annually according to PSI’s latest State of the Industry Survey.

After closely following the latest pandemic updates and speaking directly with PSI members, we knew that hosting an online event would be the safest, most accessible option for our international audience,” explained Beth Stultz-Hairston, PSI president and event organizer in a media release.

We will use an event app that will allow attendees to actively participate in learning and networking opportunities, as well as a virtual trade show, even though we cannot be together in person this year.”

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