The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Cat healthy And Happy

It is essential that your cat remains healthy, well-fed, and properly groomed. The following five easy tips are designed to help maintain your cat and ensure that you have a happy and healthy companion for many years to follow. 

Let us first congratulate you on getting a new cat. Whether this is your first cat or you already have a few furry creatures running around the house, we know you are both in for a great time. 

However, it is important to understand that these cute and cuddly pets depend upon you to remain in perfect health. Consider them to be somewhat of a furry toddler with a little less responsibility and a litter box! Actually, let’s just hope no one is using a litter box with her toddler! 

If you follow these five easy tips, your kitty cat will remain healthy for many years. 

Essential Cat Needs 

There are some specific basic needs that must be met for your cat, which include water, food, litter box, and food bowls. Additionally, it is important to have a carrier for traveling your cat as well as proper ID colors and microchips. This is especially important if you plan to allow your cat outdoor at some point throughout the day. 

You may not realize it, but your cat very well may sleep up to 20 hours a day! However, when your cat is not sleeping or eating they were typically playing or getting into something. Therefore, if you want to keep your house in somewhat decent condition, it is important to have a variety of toys which your cat can play with and hone their hunting skills. 

Simple toys can include toy mice, balls, laser pointers, or even colorful pieces of string. While you’ll have a good selection of toys for Kitty, it is important to rotate them and give them some variety.

Best Cat Food

Dinner Time 

Proper amounts of food and water are essential for any living being. With this in mind, always remember that cats particularly enjoy fresh and clean water. If you are looking to splurge, you can buy a water fountain that will provide your friend with filtered water at any time they desire. I really know what you are thinking that you do not want to spend that type of money. Trust me, I fully understand your sentiment and thinking. You just have to make sure that your cat has access to clean water at all times to ensure that they do not dehydrate. 

You should also have several dishes available for food. If you start the morning busy, simply put the food in a clean bowl and save the washing for later. Just remember to only put enough food in the bowl for a morning meal. If cats have unlimited access to food, they tend to overeat. Always remember that fat cats are created by you and not born! 

Dry food used to be the main recommendation of veterinarians, however, many have changed their mind and have begun to encourage the use of a wet food diet exclusively. If you decide to follow the same route, discuss the situation with your veterinarian or local clerk at a specialty pet food store and see what suggestions they make. Find the best cat food here

The Litter Box 

Cats can be very particular to say the least. They want their litter box to be clean and pristine. The litter box is not properly cleaned, they will happily find another area to relieve themselves, and that is not a situation you want to have. It is best to choose a good scoopable litter that will be easy for daily cleaning. Additionally, wall cleaning the litter box may not be anyone’s idea of a good time this is also a fantastic time to ensure your cat’s health by searching for early warning signs. Be mindful of any abnormal frequency in peeing, blood in the urine, or any changes in feces. 

You will want to change the cat litter on a weekly basis in which all the old litter is removed and the box is fully cleaned. 

Grooming Does Not Have To Be A Fight 

Cats are very clean creatures and their saliva contains a natural deodorant, with that being said, they do need some assistance from us every once in a while. Some people say a bath is in good form for your cat. This is a decision you and your cat are going to have to make! If your cat allows it, it is wise to use a cat shampoo and comfortable water. 

The best you can do for your cat is offer help with brushing. You want to ensure all excess hair is removed as this can lead to hairballs. This is especially true if your cat has long hair, you want to keep it tangle free. Additionally, cats enjoy being brushed, so feel free to do it often. 

The Vet Is Not Your Cat’s Enemy 

When you purchase a cat, the first task is to make an appointment with a vet, especially if the cat has not been fixed. Holistic vets have become rather popular in recent years as they use natural remedies in addition to proper medications in an effort to keep your cat happy and healthy. 

You can choose any veterinarian that you feel comfortable with, you simply want to ensure that your cat gets a yearly wellness checkup as well as all relevant shots. By taking the time and being proactive, you have the ability to catch anything before it sneaks up on you and becomes a more serious problem.

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