Top 5 Safest Ways to Transport Your Dog

Moving or transporting your four-legged friends can be a daunting task. If you are shifting to a new place or just going for a vacation, transporting your dog can be a real task. It would help if you were extra cautious about your dog’s safety while making sure that the transport can be stress-free. 

Many people get concerned about how their dog will react to the transportation process or what can be the best way to shift or transport your canine friend. The perfect solution to this problem lies with dog transportation companies offering pet transportation services to any country or even domestic places.

If you seek services for pet transport to London or any other county, you can always consult these firms. 

Let us walk through the top 5 ways to transport your dog, including some safety tips.

Through Pet Transportation Companies

One of the safest ways to transport your dog friend can be through pet transportation firms. These firms are well-equipped to handle all your canine transportation issues, and they can assist you in making sure that all the pet import rules are adhered to if you are relocating internationally. 

Also, these firms can handle the domestic canine transportation process while all you need to do is relax and get ready to meet your dog safely at the new place.

Cargo Hold

You can transport them safely in a cargo hold if you have a large dog. However, some flights have forbidden the brachycephalic (snub-nosed) breeds from flying in the cargo. The reason is that these breeds can suffer from nosebleeds, even if there are ideal flying conditions.

However, some tips can help make the transition for your dog easier. For example, you can select direct flights, determine the flight timing as per the season you are flying, and notify the cabin captain about the safety measures to be taken.

Airplane Cabin

This flying option is available only for small dogs. However, rules for transporting pets differ from one airline to another. Thus, it is advisable first to read the rules as mentioned by the airline. 

Also, every airline has a different range of transporting fees for pets. Please go through them and decide which airline falls under your budget. Also, make sure that you inform the airline before traveling that you will be carrying your dog along.

Transport Them as Freight

You can find many firms specializing in transporting pets through freight, either through air or land. These firms charge fees while considering many aspects. 

Some of these aspects include the weight of the animal, the pet’s height, and the mode of traveling. Also, it would help if you were sure about the freight rules as dictated by the country they would be traveling to.

You Can Carry Them in a Car

If you want to transport your dog for a short distance, you can go in a car as well. However, please do not make the mistake of making them sit next to your driving seat, which can prove dangerous. 

Also, If you wish to avoid any health issues for your dog during the transportation process, a visit to the vet is a must. The vet would tell you whether the dog is in the right shape to travel or not, can you make the dog travel through a flight or any other transportation mode, etc.

Also, the vet would be the right person to answer your queries, if any, related to the transportation process. You can also get tips to handle your dog’s anxiety issues during transit and get the pet ready for the travel process.

The vet can also help you check off any health requirements of the country or state you are relocating with your dog.

And if you would like to protect your car from damage, you can get car insurance.


Remember, consult a pet transportation firm before deciding how to transport your dog. It is essential to avoid any issues. Also, the best aspect of consulting these firms is that they can help out with any type of medical or non-medical emergency.

Thus, if you plan to transport your dog, make sure both you and your canine friend are ready. Happy transporting!

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