Why Are Pet Owners Turning to CBD?

CBD has become one of the most popular new products in recent years. While any kind of cannabis product used to be considered vaguely taboo, CBD has swiftly grown into an everyday supplement that you can use in all sorts of ways.

However, it has bridged another gap in the last decade, loved by an entirely new group of people: Pet owners.

But why are pet owners turning to CBD? What is it about cannabidiol that makes pet owners want to buy it for their furry friends?

Does CBD Work on Pets?

Why Are Pet Owners Turning to CBD?

The most likely reaction from most people when it comes to giving pets any kind of CBD product is alarm; why would you give your pet cannabinoids?

After all, as every responsible pet owner is painfully aware, THC can be incredibly toxic to your pets. Since CBD is so closely related to THC, it would only make sense that you shouldn’t give CBD to them as well, right?

Well, in actuality, CBD is entirely safe for your pets, and indeed it works on them just as effectively as it does on humans.

This is because of the fact that both pets and humans share an endocannabinoid system. This health system, the ECS, is responsible for a vast range of different bodily functions and is what is affected by any cannabinoids you imbibe.

This means that you can give your pet CBD with no risks or problems while you need to modulate the dose so that you don’t accidentally give them more than they need.

But why would you want to do this? What are the reasons to give your pet CBD?

Why Would You Want to Give CBD to Your Pets?

As CBD becomes more and more accepted as a supplement for pets, awareness of CBD’s myriad uses for pets will grow. In the meantime, the most common question is, of course, “why?”

Well, CBD helps your pets in precisely the same way that it can help humans, albeit with the added benefit that the pets don’t understand what they have been given. This means that your pet can enjoy its effects, without the frustrating occurence of the placebo effect.

So, what are the reasons to give CBD to your pets?

Reason to Give Your Pet CBD #1: Anxiety and/or Stress

While humans cope with plenty of stress and anxiety in life, it can actually be a lot worse for pets. It might not affect happy and healthy cats and dogs from loving homes, but there are plenty of animals out there suffering from mental disorders like anxiety.

This obviously disproportionally affects rescue pets or animals that have been abandoned, but it can afflict any pet.

CBD for pets is well known for helping to reduce both stress and anxiety, thanks to a myriad of different studies that point towards better mental health for pets that take CBD.

While pets might not show it like humans, they can struggle with their mental health just like you do, so why not help them with some CBD?

Reason to Give Your Pet CBD #2: Inflammation and Osteoarthritis

Arthritis and inflammatory physical conditions are considered part of the package of having a dog, assuming it lives until old age. While humans have a myriad of different medications and drugs to help them deal with the frustrations of getting older, most pets have to struggle along quietly.

However, you could instead give your pets some helpful CBD oil to help make their days a little bit better. Innumerable studies, like this one published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, show that CBD can help to not only reduce pain and inflammation suffered by arthritic pets but also that it can slow down the condition from progressing further.

This could not only help improve your pet’s quality of life but also extend their life further, as they don’t have to struggle in pain.

Final Thoughts: Why Are Pet Owners Turning to CBD?

Not everyone yet wholly understands why people would choose to take CBD at all, let alone give it to their pets. This means that it will likely still be a few years yet until CBD becomes a universal product. So, don’t expect your local veterinarian to be recommending CBD for your pet any time soon.

In the meantime, though, head to some great brands like Premium Jane for CBD for dogs or cats. Not everyone will completely understand why you are doing it, but the chances are that your pet will thank you for it.

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