How to Give CBD to Pets?

CBD is well-known for its advantageous effects, such as pain and inflammation reduction. However, humans are not the only ones who might benefit from taking CBD — many of our pets can too.

If your pet doesn’t find the characteristic taste of CBD oils weird, you can simply apply it orally. When that’s impossible, consider mixing the oil with their food to mask the intense flavor. You might also add CBD to their favorite treats.

If your lovely pet experiences some localized pain, you can choose CBD topicals and administer them directly to the skin or fur. Finally, if your animal is used to taking medicine, you might add some CBD to an empty capsule.

Here are the best ways to administer CBD to your lovely animal:


CBD oil is an excellent product you can use to give your pet CBD. It’s convenient, easy to dose, and fast-acting. Because of that, you might notice the effects pretty fast. Nevertheless, giving CBD oil tinctures to your pet is not as simple as it seems.

First of all, you need to know how much CBD you should give them. That will depend on your pet’s weight. Ask a vet or a CBD expert for help if you have trouble determining the correct dosage.

The next thing to think about is the method of administration. You need to somehow give the CBD to your pet, which is not always easy. The good news is that there are many ways to bypass that issue.

You can carefully apply the oil directly under your pet’s tongue with your fingers or a syringe without a needle. This way, you will make sure they won’t choke on the oil and that it will be absorbed by their body the fastest.

Another option is adding drops of CBD oil to your pet’s food or water bowl. This way, they won’t even taste it and will still get the desired effects. If your pet doesn’t like treats, you might also try mixing CBD oil with plain yogurt or another food they like. Some pets may even try licking CBD oil off your fingers!

CBD Capsules

If administering CBD oil seems too complicated, you might consider this other method — giving your pet capsules filled with CBD extract. Capsules are a great way to bypass the problem of administering CBD directly into your pet’s mouth because they don’t need to lick anything. Therefore, they won’t taste anything either. All they need to do is swallow it like any other pill or capsule. It makes CBD capsules an ideal choice for pets who are picky eaters or are scared of anyone approaching them with a syringe in their hands.

If you choose this method, consult a professional before giving your pet any pills so that they can help you calculate how much CBD should go into each capsule and whether it’s OK for your pet to take pills at all.

Capsules might not be suitable for some pets. If that’s the case, consider using soft gel capsules instead so that your pet can easily digest them. Finally, if your pet isn’t used to swallowing pills yet, consider hiding each capsule in their favorite treat until they get used to it.

CBD Topicals

Another good idea is to apply topical products directly to the skin or fur of your pet. Many types of topical products are available on the market, including lotions, salves, creams, and more. They all work similarly but differ regarding ingredients and application methods.

Topical products usually come in bottles with pumps or tubes, making them straightforward to use — simply apply them directly onto the affected area of your pet’s body. This method is especially advantageous if your animal experiences localized pain due to arthritis or certain skin conditions.

If you’re unsure whether your pet will like the strong smell of CBD topical products, consider using products containing additional ingredients, such as essential oils or other scents that can mask the CBD flavor. And if your pet doesn’t like the sticky feeling of lotions and creams, opt for a product like a spray which will be much easier to administer.

CBD Pet Treats

If you want to give your pet some CBD without worrying about how to administer it, give them some delicious treats. CBD treats are becoming increasingly popular, and many different types are available on the market.

Some treats contain CBD oil infused with other ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and fruits, while others are made entirely from CBD extract. You might want to check the ingredients list carefully before giving your pet any treats. It would be best if you also tried to find treats that don’t contain any unhealthy ingredients.

CBD treats are a great way to give your pet some CBD because they won’t even taste it! All they will taste is the delicious flavors of their favorite treat. However, be careful not to give your pet too many treats because they might end up eating too much and thus get more CBD than they need.


CBD can be a great addition to your pet’s routine. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to know how to administer it properly so your pet can get the most out of it.

Use CBD oil if your pet accepts the taste of CBD. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of CBD oil to their food or water bowl. You can also give them capsules filled with CBD extract if you’re unsure how to administer the oil directly.

For pets that don’t like the taste of CBD oil or are picky eaters, consider giving them some CBD treats instead. However, be careful not to give them too many. And if your pet experiences some localized pain, use a topical product such as lotion, cream, or spray.

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