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Here we have simply stated out Arthropods Facts and Facts About Insects for Kids, then the distinctive characteristics of insects and at last we have links to all the articles about each Arthropods and insects along with the picture.

Arthropods Facts

Arthropods are air-breathing invertebrate animals which have paired jointed legs, exoskeleton and a segmented body. Arthropods are generally classified into four classes:

1. Insects (Includes Ants, butterfly, grasshopper, cockroaches etc. Over 1 million known species)

2. Crustacea (Includes shrimp, lobster, crab etc. Over 44 thousand known species

3. Myriapoda (Includes Millipede, Centipede etc. )

4. Arachnida (Includes scorpion, spider, mite, etc. Over 65 thousand known species)

Arthropods are found everywhere on land, sea and air.

75% of the known living things on earth are Arthropods, having more than 1 million species on this earth.Arthropods pictures - Arthropods Facts for kids

Facts About Insects for Kids

Insects are air-breathing invertebrate animals that are categorized by their three main body parts (called the head, thorax and abdomen),  three pairs of legs and a pair of antennae on their head. With more than a million species, insects are almost half of all living things on this earth.

Characteristics of Insects

Insects have the following distinctive characteristics that put them in the class of insects:

  • Insects posses a hard outer covering called exoskeleton instead of backbone and spines and thus are classified as invertebrates.
  • Insects body can be divided into three main parts called the head, thorax and abdomen.
  • Insects have six jointed legs.
  • Insects live on both land and in water.
  • Insects usually have an antennae that helps in sensing touch, hear, taste and smell
  • Insects are cold blooded.
  • Insects usually lays eggs and sometimes give birth to live young ones.
  • Insects usually have four wings to fly.

Facts About Insects for Kids - characteristics of insects - classification of classification

Arthropods Facts For Kids

Arthropods Facts and  facts about insects for kids.


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